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Brilliant! Look Like Little Brook Trout

I’m very pleased with my order for 6 Celestial Pearl Danios, and received 7 perfectly healthy fish. I was expecting them to take weeks to color up, but was pleasantly surprised at how colorful and striking these fish showed up right out of the box! They kind of look little brook trout swimming around my anubias, crypts, and mountain sourced rocks, which is cool for me because I am an avid fly fisherman. This photo was taken less than 3 days after receiving these fish.

40 Gallon tank divider

The tank divider fit in quite smoothly, perfect pores to allow water circulation to both sides and allow beneficial bacteria to build up as well good buy! 👍

Perfect Betta Food

My bettas absolutely love these pellets. They are the ideal food, mostly Black Soldier Fly larva, for insectivores like bettas. I feed three to four pellets twice a day. Because of their high protein and minimal filler ingredients, they are more completely digested and noticeably produce far less poop, thereby keeping their environment cleaner and healthier.

Harlequin Rasbora
Susan Frankel
Harlequin Rasbora

Beautiful coloration on these sprite little fish. The striking contrast between the black triangle and gold body make them look as if they are formally dressed for a fish celebration. They look beautiful swimming around the tank as a school. I’m thrilled with these in my fish family.

Blue ramshorn snail

Flip was nice enough to send me a standard colored one as an incidental in my plant order, and I would normally exterminate them on sight. I didn't know what I had, but he was big and had managed to evade me for months. Out of respect, I moved him to my utility tank. He got a cracked shell in the endeavor, but I've had him for a year now. Way more personality than I would have thought, always going some where. And I can still see the crack from the day we met.
Anyway, I am no longer a snail killer. Set up a new 10, had to have a blue one. He looks good crawling over my grey river rocks. Had to pay for this one though :) Give one a home, you'll love em'.

Review of panda garra

All arrived well and are thriving.

Great Community Fish - very energetic

I never heard of this fish and honestly ordered 3 on a whim. I'm housing it in a 22 gal. long with out fish such as CPDs, chili rasboras, micro corydoras. They are generally peaceful and super energetic and ravenous eaters. There is 1 alpha male who sometimes chases other fishes but doesn't seem to go too far to the degree of causing physical harm and it doesn't happen all the time. Very beautiful fish with orange tips - the pics on Flip Aquatics don't do it justice. Highly recommend if you have the room for them! They were a bit bigger than I expected. Perhaps 1.5 times bigger than a white cloud mountain minnow.

Orange eye blue tiger shrimp

This are great shrimp. Their color is exactly what the title says. They arrived as did the rest of my order, in good shape and very active. They even added an extra shrimp. They are doing well and I hope to have some babies shrimp soon… thanks again Flip Aquatics


I have no idea what nutrient my shrimp thought they were missing, but they chowed down on a mulberry leaf faster than I have ever seen them eat anything. I mean, to me it was just a nice-smelling leaf, but my shrimp clearly give it 5 stars.

Crazy blue fish!

All fish arrived healthy and extremely active. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Otocinclus Catfish
Zachary Dickinson

Otocinclus Catfish

I’m very pleased with my recent order of snails; arrived alive and of varying smaller sizes which was perfect for my needs.

Green Kubotai Rasbora
Peggy DeLorme
Great little guys

These lil green beauties arrived very fast and very healthy. They are all still doing great. They school together 24/7 flashing their bright green. Great addition to my tank!!!

5 Black Rose Shrimp
Nathan Mulkey

Arrived in good shape and healthy. Doing great in their new tank.


Ordered a big shipment form the other guys and the shrimp all ended up dead. Got a beautiful assortment from flip aquatics and they are thriving and happy. The other guys don’t care about the 🦐. ❤️ you guys for not letting my give up by sending me a healthy family

Absolutely beautiful

Each shrimp was like a work of art. Beautiful bright colors, very healthy. The blue bolt was slightly smaller than I expected but he’s doing great. And the purple snail is amazingly gorgeous. Just ordered more!!!

Cute bladder snails :D

These cuties are Great in aquariums and shrimp tanks :D

Dwarf Anchor Catfish
Sherrie Prestwich
Unique little Catfish

These are such unique little catfish, amazingly pretty in their own special way, shipping was wonderful thank you

Assassin Snails
Tiffany Reichle

Came in great time and condition will be ordering from here again :)

Galaxy Rasbora

Received my order of Cherry Shrimp, Galaxy and Chilli Rasboras and couldn’t be more satisfied. All the fish arrived alive and still doing good as of today. The shrimp, there were 3 dead but that was expected. All in all great experience dealing with Flip Aquatic and will be purchasing again.


Otocinclus Catfish
Tony Seitz
Nice Size and Healthy

Really happy with the quality and size of the Otocinclus Catfish I received from Flip Aquatics. Shipping and packaging also were perfect!

First time buyer

I received 6 (bought 5) and they are all thriving well after a few weeks with color. I'm very pleased and would love to purchase these again in the future from flip aquatics.

Green Neon Tetra
Megan Laffan

All 20 (+ a few extras i think) arrived in perfect condition and acclimated well following the included instructions. Colored up nicely after just an hour or so. These are beautiful schooling fish and not shy at all for me. Eating well on the first day. I already love these little guys and will be ordering from Flip again!!! Thank you!!

Pumpkin shrimp

I’ve ordered pumpkin shrimp 2 times from Flip Aquatics. They always package the shrimp with care and detailed instructions on how to properly acclimate. In the first order all arrived happy and healthy but in the second order two arrived DOA but they have impeccable customer service and responded right away and gave me a refund for the two DOA shrimp. All around great company!

Amano Shrimp - 5 or 10 Pack