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Drape Fin Barb
Kirk Pendleton
Alive and well

I ordered about 16 fish. Perfectly packaged thankfully because UPS was around 16 hours late. Happy to say all are alive and well in both tanks. Definitely recommend!

Gift Card
Sierra Brady
Gift card with additional monies for free

Any time you can buy a gift card and get some extra money thrown in for free for a store you love is a win-win!


Everything in my order arrived on time, alive and healthy! Packaging is awesome and love the little Swedish fish.


Daphnia arrived looking alive and active. I didn't bother counting how many I received in each bag. I'm new to keeping Daphnia cultures so its a challenge to keep them alive and not crashing. Splitting the cultures into different containers is helping prevent a total loss.

Bacopa Moneywort
Doing great

Moneywort arrived healthy and tall. It was a little bent over in the package, but it straightened out after a day. It's doing great in my 5 gallon tank. One is already growing above the waterline.

Veiltail Cherry Barb doing well!

Fish arrived healthy and striving now!

Jacob Mullins
Nice plants

All plants I have ordered are fresh. All the fish have been alive and well. Will be buying more cherry shrimp in the future.

Absolutely gorgeous!!

I wish I could leave more than 5 stars. Such a healthy portion and in perfect condition. The superb customer service makes everything from Flip aquatics even better!!!

Nerite Snails
Colin Mong
Great so far

I’ve only had my 2 nerite snails for a week, but they went right to work on the algae, and seem compatible with my mustard betta. Very cool!

Black Kuhlii Loach
Rafael Navarro
Black kuhlii Loach

Awesome and beauful

Christmas Moss
Raymond Smith
Christmas Moss

The above mentioned moss arrived healthy and green. It’s been in my tank a week and it’s thriving and isn’t showing any signs of melting

Great Nano Centerpiece

My gourami arrived healthy and vibrant, he was quite hungry upon arrival and showed some stressed behavior but settled after 12 hours and eating some food. Very peaceful in my nano community tank now.

My shrimp cant get enough of these

After adding an assortment of the botanicals to the tank my shrimp started spending all their time around these, especially the Buddha Nut Pods. I'm for sure buying these again once I run out.

The best surprise!

With no images I went out on a limb. And no doubt they are my Favorite out of the 20+ or more varies variety. Thank you Flips! All arrived healthy and full of energy. A pleasant surprise and a joy to watch!

Red Cobra Guppy
110% better then

These and my Albino yellow Endlers are my Favorite fishes in my tank! Wanting to get Lumanious Cobra next or green! Love thier vibrant colors premium fish!

24k Gold!!!

Absolutely stunning fish! So vibrant and active! I got 8 and wish I'd went with more! They are such a joy to watch! Pictures truly don't do them justice!


I bought this bag along with the starter plant kit to have some extra substrate to keep everything down and it was the perfect amount and I even had a little extra. I planted everything then added water slowly and it barely put up any dust. It all filtered out in the night and is clear. I highly reccomend it with the plant pack or if you just need some extra. Perfect amount and good sized balls!

Assassin Snails
Mathew Gagnon
Great help

My last shipment arrived dead so but I think it was because of the cold and terrible postal service in my area

Sponge Tank Divider

Service, product, and shipping were outstanding. Delivery rescheduled, but communicated.

Perfect mix

I was very impressed by the quantity and quality of the plant pack - I will definitely be purchasing my aquarium plants from Flip in the future!

Orange Rili
Brian Holdridge
Great additions to shrimp tank

All shrimp arrived in good shape. Water temp was 70 degrees. All the shrimp are out and about and eating.

Blond Tuxedo Guppy
Allison Dalton
Have Babies!

The guppies arrived very healthy and active a week ago. On Sunday morning I went to feed the and discovered the female had delivered more babies than I can count.

Spiky Moss
Daniel Duffy
Spiky Moss

Arrived super green, spread amongst two tanks. Can’t wait til it takes off.

They arrived alive

I put them in a 29 gallon tank with an air stone, cycled media, spirulina power, and active yeast. They are scurrying around eating feverishly. I was surprised to see that they were not all the same stage. Some were barely visible, squiggling around, and others were full grown adult.

Alison Blasko

I am thrilled with my purchase of hornwort from Flip Aquatics. The plants were healthy, a decent size, and are doing well in the tank. This is the second order I have received from Flip Aquatics and I must say I am very pleased with their plants and livestock. I am a customer for life.