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Live Arrival

All 10 snails were alive and came in different sizes. A week later and they are still alive in my aquarium.

Freshwater Pea Puffers
David Taylor

Showed up in good condition, and still healthy

Works great!

The tank divider is serving its purpose in my betta tank. I’m glad I purchased the divider.

Definitely Cute!

Was hesitant to get snails 🐌 until I came across “cute but broken”. I can get past the broken, but can’t get past how cute they are!! Want some for all my tanks now. Glad these little misfits have a home to call their own. 🥰

Love it

My shrimp love the lollies.


Thank you, arrived well packaged

Tiger Shrimp Starter Pack
Justin Stewart
All 12 shrimp arrived healthy even in the cold weather

The red tiger shrimp were the most high-energy shrimp I have seen. I have a ton of plants and hiding places in the tank and even the smallest of the bunch seems to hang out in the front of the tank -- and doesn't seem at all intimidated by the neon tetras swimming above them in the tank. It has been 24 hours since I added them and everyone is looking great. Fantastic color.

Excellent Service

I’d give more stars if I could. 10/10, A+ job Flip Team! Special shout out to Amanda who packed my order.

I ordered 6 assassin snails with a heat pack. I was really worried about the cold temps here in New England in the middle of winter. But the Flip Team came through for me! The snails were packed in a foam-insulated box with a heat pack that- despite a mix up at my local post office which resulted in USPS keeping the snails an extra night- was still warm to the touch when they arrived. 7 snails were shipped to me, 6 of which were active and crawling around within seconds of me adding them to the specimen cup where they’re currently being acclimated to my tank water. The 7th looks a little shyer (tucked waaay up in its shell), but I’ve got high hopes it’ll come around given a little bit of time.

Top notch job Flip Team. Thanks so much!

Blue Ram

Beautiful fish. Arrived alive and healthy! Will continue to buy fish here!

Beautiful and healthy

Christmas Moss
Dennis Randash

A great place to do business with.

20 Assorted Neocaridina Shrimp
Samantha McKenzie

They all but maybe one came in alive. Always have great luck shopping with flip

20gal long sponge divider

Works great and is very sturdy!


Fish came healthy and all alive. Pretty sure I got some extras along with the 20 I ordered. It was well packaged and I'm pleased with how quickly and safely they arrived. Will be ordering future fish from Flip Aquatics (:

Luminus Cobra Guppy (Pairs)
Deanna Ferguson
Really pretty fish

I ordered a pair and they arrived healthy and active. They are young and their colors are still developing, but it seems like they get prettier every day.

They all look so good

I order about 25 different shrimp everything came in on time and was great, open the box and let them acclimate to the room temp then slow drip acclimated them for a long time (12hrs) not a single death, I am very happy with everything

5 Black Rose Shrimp
Ricky Sneed
Black shrimp

Very nice

Nerite Snails
Charles Farmer
Alive and well

All the animals I ordered arrived alive and seemingly healthy and are still going strong, great purchase.

Algae stick

I put the algae stick in my tank and within 10 minutes or so the shrimp was all over it. It took them 2 1/2 days to read it. I love it. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked me and where I got it from.

Nerite Snails
Healthy and active!

After receiving horrible quality snails and plants from another company, I was hesitant to order animals online again. I decided to take the leap and order from Flip Aquatics !! And I was NOT disappointed! 2 Red Racer Snails and 4 Nerite Snails all alive, super active, gorgeous and healthy looking! Thank you for restoring my faith in online aquatics !! Thank you flip aquatics!!

Lemon Tetra
Sharon Wall

My son loves them. Thank you for checking

Assassin Snails
Healthy and Happy

My snail arrived safely (I even got an extra snail!) and they started cruising around my tank immediately. They seem to be doing really well!

Banana Plant
todd kroeger

Banana Plant

So far so good!

I've had this in the tank for a few days now and already a new leaf has bloomed and a new one is growing. Plant looks happy and healthy. The color is gorgeous.

Another Great Purchase!

Ordered 5, 6 arrived live and well! Great quality as well!