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Green Neon Tetra

 The Green Neon Tetra is a great fish from South America. It originates from streams throughout the jungle where the water is stained brown from all the fallen leaves and wood. These fish will thrive in black water conditions. Although, they are very hardy and will accept a wide range of parameters. 

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The Green Neon Tetra is identical to the Cardinal tetra but with green coloration. They are omnivores in nature and will accept a high quality flake diet or Northfin premium foods. 

The scientific name for the Green Neon Tetra is Paracheirodon simulans.

We feed our Green Neon Tetras a mix of Northfin Community and Veggie. They also get an occasional treat of frozen foods such as daphnia, cyclopods and baby brine shrimp. 

Our Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 7.2 to 7.5
  • Gh: 8 to 16
  • Kh:  4 to 7
  • TDS: 180 to 250
  • Temp: 70 to 74

Tank Recommendations

  • Leaves: Indian Almond or Guava
  • Wood: Mopani or Malaysian
  • Cones: Alder Cones

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Kayla D.
Tough little guys!

I ordered 15 and I definitely received a few extra, so maybe I received 20 total. Like a goof ball, I didn't have a quarantine tank set up so I put them right in my 40 gallon tank with a few established fish and new mollies from petco. Long story short the mollies blew my tank up with ich and I was certain my tetras would all be gone, but after going through all the ich treatment not a single tetra died and that amazed me. These fish arrived so healthy and now that they are ich free they are super happy again and so am I. I will definitely recommend flip aquatics to everybody looking for beautiful, healthy nano fish!

Ryan Knorr
Green Neon

Great customer service

Gold fish king
Green Neon Tetra

Green Neon Tetra came in Healthy Excellent customer service they only thing is that UPS Delivered my package late night when it was Suppose to be delivered from 12pm to 5pm And I end up getting it at 8pm but I'm very happy with the fish and there customer service love it will buy more once they have more available


Arrived alive and healthy, beautiful addition to my tank! Flip Aquatics is the best!

Buddy Platt
Their adorable these Neon Tetras...

Obviously, we liked them very much. Sadly, 2 were DOA. I suspect the handling of the container that were shipped in was ....I used to be a Letter Carrier and the eliberate mishandling that I saw would disgust anyone. The others were all healthy.