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100% Guarantee on all Livestock and Dry Goods

100% Guarantee for Livestock and Dry Goods

Here at Flip Aquatics, we take pride in our products. Most importantly, we take pride in the health of our live animals. We believe in giving people the healthiest shrimp, snails, fish and plants to ensure a positive experience in the aquarium hobby. For that reason, we fully guarantee that the animals we ship will arrive healthy and alive. 

If you do have an unfortunate experience and livestock arrives sick or dead, follow these steps:

Step 1: Do you Qualify for our Guarantee?

    • All claims must be submitted on the day of delivery. 
    • Livestock claims are void if the customer misses the first delivery attempt.
    • Dry Goods - Any no living item has a full guarantee. 
    • Shrimp, Snails or Plants - All shrimp, snails, plants, and crabs are 100% guaranteed healthy and alive regardless of shipping method. 
    • Fish - All fish are 100% guarantee only when shipped through UPS 1-Day or other 1-Day shipping methods. 
    • Free Items - Any item that is sent for free or as an extra is not covered by our guarantee. 

Step 2: Submit your Claim

    • You will need to do three (3) steps in order to submit your claim
      • 1.) Email with your order number in the title
      • 2.) Attach to the email a clear picture of the damaged or dead item in the original unopened shipping bag next to your packing slip. Please take a picture of the underside of the bag to show the dead livestock and also include a picture of the livestock outside of the bag in a container with the label on the bag present in the picture. If the item is an animal or plant and is unhealthy, a picture inside the tank is sufficient. 
      • 3.) If you are missing an item in your shipment attach a clear picture of the items you received in your box. If the missing item is an animal attach a clear photo of the animals you did receive in their bags with their labels showing.

Step 3: Receive your Claim

    • Dry Goods
      • Reshipped for free at no additional charge
      • Replacement items are usually shipped via. UPS Ground
    • Shrimp, Fish, Snails and Plant
      • Full refund for the cost of the item through payment method used for the order
      • Shipping costs are nonrefundable
      • Reshipment available at the cost to the customer

We also guarantee the health of our animals. If you have any issues with sick livestock, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order.