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30 Day Quarantine

Our 30 day quarantine is standard here at Flip Aquatics. We believe in growing the hobby and to do this, healthy animals is a must. As hobbyists, we experienced countless situations where we had our tanks fully cycled and perfect for our new inhabitants just to watch them all die days or weeks after receiving them. This is what ruins this hobby for so many. How does this situation apply to our 30 day quarantine? Here are the reasons why we started and still implement a 30 day quarantine as a standard here at Flip Aquatics: 

  1. Animals need stability when being shipped from point A to B to C to D. Usually you, the customer is point D. We, as a business are usually point B or C. So, holding the animal for 30 days, gives them time to rest, eat and be ready for a trip to their new home. 
  2. Medication is essential when receiving live animals. So often we see bags of 400 shrimp, 200 fish, 100 snails, etc. It is obvious these animals are unhappy with their shipping conditions and if even one of 200 was sick, they all could be sick. We take the time to medicate every animal that comes through our doors to ensure they are healthy before leaving. Medication doesn't take a day or two, it takes weeks of observation, patience and re-treatment. This is why 30 days is essential. 
  3. Early shrimp molting during shipping will cause issues during the first 30 days. Although we sell fish and snails, we started as a shrimp focused business. Shrimp typically molt during shipping which is usually caused due to stress. Molting early may not kill the shrimp but it will make the shrimps' next molt much more difficult. Shrimp molt once per 30 days thus our 30 day quarantine was initially an idea to ensure the shrimp would survive their initial molt prior to receiving them. Due to the initial molt being extremely hard on the shrimp, we knew that if the shrimp survived 30 days with us, they would be ready for their new home.
  4. We take the loss, so you don't have to. If anything goes wrong, it usually happens in the first 30 days of having new animals. As hobbyists, we experienced this over and over again. If anything goes wrong with our live animals, we would rather it happen to us than to our customers. Therefore, the 30 days gives us time to see which animals will make it or which animals will die despite our experience and best efforts to keep them healthy. 

At Flip Aquatics, our goal is to set a new standard. Many companies are built on buying and selling as fast as possible. That's not us and will never be who we are. We want to build the hobby before building our business. We believe this starts with 30 days of quarantine.