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Peacock Goby (Gudgeon)

The Peacock Goby (Gudgeon) is a gorgeous small fish in a rainbow of colors. They are in full color even when not breeding. They only grow to about 3 inches.  They inhabit shallow heavily vegetated slow-moving streams with submerged branches, roots, or leaf litter. Black gravel will have them show off their best colors. They are active fish that look great in a small group.  They prefer temperatures 72-78o F. They originally came from Papua New Guinea with these having been captive-bred.  

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To resemble their natural environment, sandy bottom with driftwood and a few rounded or flat rocks for them to breed on is ideal. Leaves on the bottom to add cover will also help. They enjoy the water that has been stained with tannins (Almond leaves would be perfect as cover as well). Keeping them with other small schools of Cardinal or Green Neons would also give them comfort by making them feel it’s safe. 

The Peacock Goby enjoys softer water with a neutral pH.  They are fairly easy to breed using 1/2 PVC pipe, open on both ends. Have one of the ends facing the front glass so you can tell when the male is guarding the eggs.  This also allows for easy moving of the eggs to another container.  We feed them a large variety of foods which include ground Northfin flake foods, small Northfin pellets (veggie, community, & bug pro), frozen foods, and live baby brine.

The scientific name for Peacock Goby is Tateurndina ocellicauda.

Our Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Gh: 6 to 15
  • Kh:  2 to 5
  • TDS: 100 to 200
  • Temp: 78 to 86

Tank Recommendations

  • Leaves: Indian Almond or Guava
  • Wood: Malaysian or Mopani
  • Cones: Alder Cones
  • Substrate: Pool Filter Sand

Customer Reviews

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Totally Satisfied!!

This is not my first purchase from them and just like always, I walk away totally satisfied. My first order was almost 6 mos and a few of the more delicate fish didn’t make it. They were quick to respond to my request and get things fixed. I was so pleased that I have now ordered multiple times from them.

Dr Kathryn A Mangone
Peacock Goby

So MUCH fun to watch.

Katie Mutzebaugh
Love my Gobys

Thank you for taking such good care with my order and Special thanks to Steph who boxed my new fishies!

sandra Durante
Peacock Gobys arrived fit and heathy

Fish and shrimp ordered arrived in good health and made excellent transitions to out tanks...thriving. Would strongly recommend Flip aquatics to freshwater aquarium friends!

Love these fish

These guys are little and outgoing yet peaceful. They have flashy colors and eat very well. I'm pleased!