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Dead on Arrival (D.O.A.) Policy

Here at Flip Aquatics, we take pride in our products. Most importantly, we take pride in the health of our live animals. We believe in giving people the healthiest shrimp, snails, and fish to ensure a positive experience in the aquarium hobby. For that reason, we fully guarantee that the animals we ship will arrive healthy and alive. The steps to follow when claiming your D.O.A can be found below:

  • Take a picture of your un-opened bag of livestock (if dead ones are visible)
  • Once opened, if you have dead animals, please remove them and take a photo of the dead animals next to our postage label attached to your package
  • Send an email with pictures to
  • D.O.A. claims must be sent within 24 hours of receiving the package
  • Any claims due to packages being left outside for extended periods of time in extreme weather are void, although we know mistakes do happen. For this reason, we reserve the right to handle this on a case to case basis. 
  • Extra animals included do not qualify for D.O.A. claims

We also guarantee the health of our animals. If you have any issues with sick livestock, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order.