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Orange Venezuelan Cory Catfish

Add some vibrant color and school playfulness to your aquarium with the Orange Venezuelan Cory Catfish! This beautiful and hardy fish is a great addition to any tank, tolerating a wide range of water parameters and co-existing peacefully with other nano fish. With their distinctive coloration and group schooling behavior, these uncommon tank-bred fish are sure to be the highlight of any nano aquarium. Get yours today and enjoy the delight of watching a school of these Orange Venezuelian Cory Catfish swimming around in your tank!

  • A peaceful and hardy addition to any aquarium, these tank-bred fish are suitable for most shrimp tanks.
  • They thrive best in schools and well-planted aquariums, making them a delightful addition to any tank.
  • With their distinctive coloration and group schooling behavior, they are sure to be the center of attention!
  • Their natural geographic color variant of the Bronze Cory Catfish develops increasingly bright orange along its back as it matures.
Please Note: All fish shipments have a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee when shipping with Overnight (1 Day) option. All other options void our Live Arrival Guarantee for fish. 

We feed our Corys a large variety of foods which include finely ground Northfin flake foods, small Northfin pellets (veggie, community, & bug pro), frozen foods and occasionally blackworms.

Our Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Gh: 6 to 15
  • Kh:  2 to 5
  • TDS: 100 to 200
  • Temp: 70 to 78

Tank Recommendations

  • Leaves: Indian Almond or Guava
  • Wood: Malaysian or Mopani
  • Cones: Alder Cones
  • Substrate: Pool Filter Sand

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Donovan Tuchscherer
UPS had my stress level peaked.

Ordered 8 OV Corys on a Sunday 11/19/23 and received on Wednesday the 22nd. I did have a slight issue with the UPS delivery person deciding not to deliver them, and rescheduling for a Friday delivery because Thursday was Thanksgiving.
So the poor little guys sat in the truck all day with it being 44F outside and where destined to sit in the UPS warehouse over turkey day. Well luckily I kept an eye out and after watching the UPS driver drive by my place and not stop at 5pm, I started watching the UPS website. A half hour after they drove by, the arrival time switched from "By 9pm" to Friday.
So I headed to the UPS Hub to get my Corys. They got there 15 minutes after I showed up at 6:15pm. They did not notice the live animal sticker on the package until they unloaded the truck. UPS apologized and said the driver felt awful.
The box was cold and I was worried. Got home, opened it up to find all 8 alive and kicking. The heat pack was still slightly warm and the bag was cold so I checked the temp and it was 64F. Did a drip acclimation and then into a quarantine tank.
Today is Wed. the 29th and when I got home and checked, 1 had passed away. Not sure why, the other 7 are doing great. All my water levels are spot on. Being in the hobby for 2 decades I know that it happens. This will not discourage me in anyway from buying from FlipAquatics again. This was my first time buying online and will do it again.

Adam Granger
Happy fish

Fish arrived happy and healthy. They are doing great in their new home. Had no trouble adjusting. Very cute and energetic. Looking forward to seeing them grow up. Thank you for the excellent service. Keep up the good work. Will be ordering again in the future.

Cynthia Garnto
Like a pack of puppies!

They are so cute and exactly as pictured! I never realized how active and playful Cory cats are. Love them!

Aaron C
Orange Venezuelan Cory Cats

Ordered 5 and received 6 healthy, super cool OV Corys. Have had them about a week now and all are still alive and thriving. They really add a lot of character to my community tank.

Pamela Tumm

All healthy and doing well so far 👍