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Glolight Danio

The Glolight Danio has a slightly deceptive name within the hobby since the introduction of the Glofish, without seeing this fish in person one might attribute it to that group of fish. Instead it is a naturally occurring Danio species from Southeast Asia. It is one of the more unique and colorful Danio species that we have had come through Flip Aquatic's displaying yellow and red striping against a grey / silver body. The fish will generally ship at a size of an inch to 1.5 inches.

Please Note: All fish shipments have a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee when shipping with Overnight (1 Day) option. All other options void our Live Arrival Guarantee for fish. 

The Glolight Danio is a relatively peaceful species that should be kept in schools of 6 or more to make them comfortable in the aquarium. The Glolight Danio is accepting of nearly any water parameter which can make it a great addition to almost any aquarium. 

The scientific name for the Glolight Danio is Celestichthys choprae

We feed our danios a large variety of foods and they are accepting of almost any food. We feed our tetras frozen foods (daphnia and baby brine shrimp), Northfin flake foods, Northfin Community/Veggie, and live baby brine shrimp.

Our Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 6.8 to 7.2
  • Gh: 4 to 8
  • Kh:  2 to 4
  • Temp: 72 to 80

Tank Recommendations

  • Leaves: Indian Almond or Guava
  • Wood: Malaysian, Pacific, Neka or Spiderwood
  • Cones: Alder, Giant Alder, Birch or Casuarina 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Tanith Fiedler
    So cute

    I adore danios and these little guys did not disappoint

    Madison MacDonald
    Great experience

    My glowlight danios arrived in great shape, already mature and with good color. They began spawning within a week in quarantine and finally convinced me to set up a fry tank for all the little ones they’ve been producing. I ordered 15 and received 18 with great packaging. They’re in my main tank now and very lively and colorful. Flip aquatics was also responsive to my questions. Overall a great experience and I look forward to more orders from flip.

    Martha Alvarez
    Glolight danios

    They are active and healthy in my tank, on the move all the time. Love them.

    Glolight Danio

    The Glolight Danios were expertly packed and shipped overnight. They were juvie sized. All are in good condition except the smallest one. He had his tail halfway bitten off. But he is doing fine and well in my community tank. Waiting for them to color up as they get older.

    Antony N.

    These fish came in very healthy and they acclimated to the new tank water fast. They go above and beyond when it comes to the care of shipping live animals.