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Dumbo-Eared Purple Mosaic Guppy

Dumbo-Eared Purple Mosaic Guppy

If you're looking for a real eye-catcher in your aquarium, then look no further than the beautiful Dumbo-Eared Purple Mosaic Guppy or Poecilia reticulata. With their exquisite appearance and deep, purple color, these guppies will certainly steal the show, and because of how easy they are to care for, they make for the perfect addition to any aquarium.

For whom is the Dumbo-Eared Purple Mosaic Guppy suited?

These guppies are peaceful and easy to care for. They are the ideal fish for beginners and community aquariums, and are a real eye-catcher thanks to their vibrant colors.

What are they like?

As mentioned above, these freshwater guppies are incredibly peaceful and are great for keeping in larger aquariums with other peaceful fish species. In densely planted aquariums, the fish quickly feel very comfortable, and because they are omnivores, they can easily cohabitate the aquarium with other fish that may have slightly more specific nutritional requirements.

The ideal conditions for the Dumbo-Eared Purple Mosaic Guppy

Guppies thrive in planted tanks low to moderate flowing water. As livebearers they do well in mixed sexed groups although they will eat their young if given the chance. Be sure to provide areas of cover for offspring using floating plants, botanicals such as Indian Almond leaves and rock or wood structures. 

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What we feed Guppies

Guppies are natural omnivores and should be fed a varied diet through prepared, live, and frozen foods. We feed them with a mix live foods such as baby brine, Daphnia, Bloodworms, Blackworms, scuds, and also Northfin Veggie, Community, and Bug Pro prepared foods to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

Our Tank Parameters

  • Ph: 6.5 to 7.8
  • Gh: 6 to 18
  • Kh:  2 to 6
  • TDS: 100 to 200
  • Temp: 72 to 80

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Super Cute!

    I love these little guys. They arrived safe and sound in separate bags and have been exploring the tank together with their new guppy friends since I acclimated them 7 days ago. Nothing but praise for the FA team!

    Healthy and beautiful

    Just got these along with some long fin Cory’s. All 10 fish alive and adjusting well. Great color on the male guppies and surprisingly great color on the females as well.

    Guppy strain proves yet to be pure

    I resorted to ordering from flipaquatics because of their big name in the shrimp world and being featured on Twincitiesguppies and Aquarium Co-op. TCG was out of this guppy strain, so these guys were my last resort. I ordered 2 pairs of Dumbo Purple Mosaic guppies despite the only other lackluster review. Everything was packaged with expertise. These guys are veterans in this business. Both males I received were juveniles which allows me to enjoy them longer. One of them had an orange and red tail. This made me worried right off the bat, so I put him in my cull tank. The other male and two females didn't have any trace of red or orange, so my experience wasn't completely negative. Time will tell. To think flip sent me a fish looking like a dumbo red mosaic which I had to put aside immediately makes me not trust the quality of their guppy strains.

    Hey Johnny,

    Thank you so much for your order and review. I am sorry to hear you weren't fully satisfied with your order. We would love to try and get to the bottom of this and make it a better experience for you. If interested, please reach out at I hope you have a great day.


    Laura Spurgeon
    Male guppy

    Feel terrible, he passed away yesterday morning.

    Hey Laura!

    Thanks so much for your order and for your review! I'm so sorry to hear that your Guppy died! We hate to hear this happened! please send us a line over at and see if together we cant come up with why this may have happened. Hope you have a great day!


    Keith Cook

    Dumbo-Eared Purple Mosaic Guppy (Pairs)