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Dragon Stone (Ohko Stone)

Dragon (Ohko stone) gets its name due to its unique appearance and color. Dragon stone is a rock that resembles dragon scales due to its greenish brown hue and many crevices. Dragon stone is very popular in the aquarium hobby for several reasons:

  • Lightweight and sturdy for stacking
  • Unique look
  • Great for anchoring plants and mosses
  • Inert properties (does not affect water chemistry)
  • Creates great safe places for shrimp and Nano fish

Dragon stone is great for aquascaping do to its fragile-clay like structure, you can take larger pieces and break them with a hammer into smaller pieces to achieve a more rugged scape as well as smaller accent pieces for your aquarium.

For best results we recommend rinsing rocks before addition to an aquarium. Although all pieces are cleaned, it is natural for rock to create additional dust during shipping.

You will receive a 10lb or more bulk package of Dragon Stones or a numbered package that will include hand selected pieces. Each piece is inspected and packaged with care to help protect the character of each stone.

*Each piece is different. When buying in bulk, you will get a random selection of 2 to 4 stone. The stones for the bulk package will not be identical to the bulk picture.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Dylan davis
Very surprised by the amount I received

Got a large amount of stones for an amazing price! Ranging from large to very small, can't best this deal. Coolest stone I've gotten by far!!

Khalis Mitchell

Beautiful stones. The 10lb box had a variety of medium very detailed stones, and a couple large chunks that allowed for some creative cutting/chiseling to get the look I was going for. Completely changed the vibe of my hardscape.

Karen croft

Dragon Stone (Ohko Stone)

Carlos Lugtu

Beautiful hand picked stones! This came in a variety of sizes extra large to small which was perfect for my current aqua-scape project!

Tiffany Hatch

Dragon Stone (Ohko Stone)