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Assorted Nano Fish [Adoption]

Up for adoption is an assortment of nano fish. These fish include ones that were left over in a tank (stragglers), fish that have deformities or fish that we don't have listed for sale on our website.  A lot of times we will recieve fish with a bad fin, missing eye, bent spine, etc. Instead of disposing of these fish, we put them in our tank of misfits or retirement village to live out their lives. Over time, these tanks get crowded so we want to offer them to you all. We are looking for those of you with big hearts to love for our misfits as we do. Again, not all of the fish we send will have issues, a lot of which will just be stragglers. 

While we can't pick and choose certain fish, feel free to request fish sizes or if you want fish that have special requirements or needs in the comment section of your order. No request is guaranteed. You can also email us at shipping@flipaquatics.com with your order number to make requests. We appreciate you all taking the time to adopt our little fish and give them a home! 

    Our Guarantee: Setting the Standard

    • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee - More Information
    • 14+ Day Holding Period prior to listing for sale - More Information
    • Treatment for Internal / External Parasite, Ick and Bacterial Infections prior to selling to ensure Healthy Animals
    • Hand inspected for quality and health prior to shipping
    • We will always put the animals first and our customers second

    Our Tank Parameters

    • Ph: 6.5 to 7.5
    • Gh: 6 to 15
    • Kh:  2 to 5
    • TDS: 100 to 200
    • Temp: 70 to 78

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Lilly Randolph
      Much love

      I got a little pleco guy, he is so cute. He came in good health and he is not showing any illness.

      Samantha Sherwood

      I ordered 10 adoption fish, and received a school of what I think are spotted rasboras? They all arrived alive and appear healthy and are a delight to watch moving together around my planted tank. They are small, of course, but I don’t see anything wrong with any of them so far. They’ve really colored up since arriving. A great addition to a community tank!

      Rachael N
      Awesome little fish

      This is my second time adopting fish and I was very pleased. I ordered 12 and got a school of 12 male black bar endlers. The first time I got more of an assortment of singletons but in both cases they were all very happy healthy fish. I definitely recommend it if you have room in your community tank


      Got 5 dotted rasboras. All are healthy and so cute! I can't tell if they have any defects at all. Eat right away and not shy. It was my first time ordering fish online and this site really did not disappoint. Already ordered more from them.

      Nicole M
      Alive and perfect

      I received my shrimp and five nano adoption fish! The fish were more than perfect!! The shrimp were so healthy and happy they got to work in my tank immediately after being acclimated! They are all getting along with my guppy Steve!