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Variety 5 Pack - Sponge Filter Pads 12x12x1

Sponge filter pads are great for DIY projects. They are made to be cut to fit any application. They can be used in hang on the back filter, canister filter, sumps and other aquarium related projects. The wide range of pores per inch (PPI) and colors offered will ensure you have the right foam for the right job. 

All foam is made specifically for long life in an aquarium and is made here in the USA. 


12x12x1 Black - 10 PPI 
12x12x1 Black - 20 PPI
12x12x1 Black - 35 PPI
12x12x1 Natural White - 20 PPI
12x12x1 Blue - 15 PPI

Key Features:

  • Formulated specifically for Aquariums
  • Made in the USA
  • Inexpensive alternative for filter media
  • Low Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Range of colors for different application
  • Mix of PPI for different stages of filtration

Item Specification:

Foam Type: Reticulated Foam
Pores per Inch (PPI): 10 to 35
Size (inches): 12 x 12 x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Don Luthy

These sponges were as advertised. I needed these to correct the Oase biomaster default sponge setup. Easy to cut to size and two of these fill one tray. I don't think I'll need the 10PPI sponge, but I was wrong once before.
Is it just me or does "sponge" just always look misspelled. Sponge...weird word.

Responds quickly

I had ordered some things and asked them when it would be shipped. Got a response with in 45min. I was not expecting to get a response that fast. Everything came in very good condition.

Mark Dibble
Essential for any DIY filter project

The varying densities are great for catching all kinds of debris and a great place for beneficial bacteria to grow. Shrimp and babies physically fit into and can get stuck in all the sizes except the 10ppm. The white foam piece was starting to yellow on the edges when it arrived.