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Tiger Shrimp Starter Pack

Tiger Shrimp Starter Pack - Imported Shrimp

Build your own tiger shrimp starter pack: Pick which freshwater tiger shrimp you want and your order will come with the following: 

  • 10 x Tiger Shrimp of your choice
  • 10 x Indian Almond Leaves
  • 3 x Food Samples of Shrimp Food - 6 month Supply
  • 1 x Fluval Telescopic Shrimp Net

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Justin Stewart
All 12 shrimp arrived healthy even in the cold weather

The red tiger shrimp were the most high-energy shrimp I have seen. I have a ton of plants and hiding places in the tank and even the smallest of the bunch seems to hang out in the front of the tank -- and doesn't seem at all intimidated by the neon tetras swimming above them in the tank. It has been 24 hours since I added them and everyone is looking great. Fantastic color.

Will be buying more.

Got my order with all in good shape. For whatever reason all but 2 died. Recently the female constantly berried and babies around tank. Will be buying more for genetic diversity.

Hi Angela!

We are so sorry to hear you had some losses! We are happy your remaining shrimp are reproducing for you though! If there is anything we can do to help you please let us know!


WB McLaughlin
A real value!

My first shipment from Flip, and the beautiful, healthy Tangerine Tigers (plus 2 extra!) naturally stole the show. But….the included shrimp net turns out to be way more useful than expected (it’s rigid enough to transport small amounts of substrate around the tank), and the Cattapa leaves are huge! Nothing like the tiny ones seen in my local chain pet stores. Absolutely excellent packing and the included samples of shrimp food round out a really great way to start a first experience with shrimp keeping!

Arrived Great

Arrived quickly. Everyone was alive. Make sure if you put them with fish you have plenty of hiding places for them. Especially mosses. They come young and small which is why they need hiding places. I was a bit worried that my guppies had an expensive snack but now that they have gotten bigger I can see most made it through and already have one that is berried and at least two that are saddled. Also I have a shrimp net as well now. The food doesn’t get eaten much but I think part of that could be them being still young and part I several plants and a large piece of drift wood that probably grows food for them along with offering hiding places. Would certainly order from here again.

Michael Sun
Everyone healthy, coloring up nicely in established tank

Been a customer before FlipAquatics got big, they're always really careful with packaging and go to great lengths for customer service. been really happy with my purchases thus far, I have a 14 gallon tank with a bunch of pintos and pumpkins, so these guys mixed in will look great.