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Snow Flakes - Spinach and Chard

Glasgarten Snowflake Chard and Spinach

GlasGarten Snowflakes Chard-Spinach are a tasty snack for your shrimp, crayfish, and snails. The aromas of the natural ingredients immediately curious and stimulate their appetite, but these snacks are so much more than just delicious snacks. The Glasgarten Snowflakes offer vitamins, minerals, trace elements and much more, which your fish need, but often can't find enough of in an aquarium.

What are the GlasGarten Snowflakes made of?

The GlasGarten Snowflakes are made ofo organic soya bran (soya bean skin), which is rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and dietary fiber, which with their prebiotic properties, ensure good digestive regulation for your shrimps and crayfish. On top of that, this particular mix contains chard and spinach, which contain high amounts of Vitamin A and K, as well as important minerals like iron.

Why the GlasGarten Snowflake Chard and Spinach mix?

Vitamin A and K are incredibly important for your fish's healthy growth and wellbeing, but more often than not, they can't be found sufficiently in your aquarium to cover the fish's entire diet. That's why the GlasGarten Snowflakes are an excellent supplemental treat, especially if you have young shrimp in your tank.

How much of the GlasGarten Snowflakes Mix should you give to your shrimp?

We recommend giving one 0.5 cm stick per 10 - 15 shrimp, but a double dose can be given if you plan on leaving the house for a longer time. The food can simply be left in; this is even beneficial in the long term.  

    Size: 30g

    Organic soy bran, chard (5%), spinach (5%), algae

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Mindy Puskas
    Shrimp Love It

    My little shrimps love this flavor. The cleaned the stick off in under 2 hours.

    E. K.
    Shrimp and snails didn't care for this

    I like the ingredients. My shrimp and snails didn't touch it unfortunately.

    Hey Elena,
    Thank you so much for your order and review. Sorry to hear your snails and shrimp didn't like the food. If you'd like to hear about other foods they may like better, email us at Hope you have a great day.


    I've bought the original Snow Flakes and loved them, they were out of stock so I gave the spinach flavor a try. Sadly, they were disappointing. They are much harder than the original and difficult to break. Doesn't expand and become flakes in the water. Out of the 40+ shrimp, only 1 was interested in it. I regret buying it.

    Hi Anna!

    We are so sorry to hear your shrimp did not care for the Spinach and Chard flakes! We hope if you try it again they take to it!