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Snow Flakes - 3 in 1 Mix

Glasgarten Snowflake 3 in 1 mix

The GlasGarten SnowFlakes Mix 3 in 1 are made from 100% natural ingredients that shrimp love. These shrimp snacks are full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and so much more. The snacks are highly nutritious and provide an improvement in the breeding results in shrimp. The long supply of food and the good biofilm provide more incentive to breed and a higher survival rate of young/newborn shrimp.

What is the GlasGarten Snowflakes Mix made of?

The snowflakes are made from the skins of organic soya beans. These skins are eaten directly by the shrimp underwater. Remains that are left serve as food for mycelia, a good fungus that serves as long-term food for (young) shrimp. This makes the snowflakes the ideal food to give to your shrimp when you're on holiday; on a double feed dose, the shrimp can eat it for about 6 days.

Why the GlasGarten Snowflake 3 in 1 Mix?

While shrimp and many other invertebrates are scavengers and will eat nearly everything, they still require specific micronutrients to grow healthily. The 3 in 1 Mix contains a variety of different Snowflakes with different ingredients to allow for an overall healthy diet.

How much of the GlasGarten Snowflakes Mix should you give to your shrimp?

We recommend giving one 0.5 cm stick per 10 - 15 shrimp, but a double dose can be given if you plan on leaving the house for a longer time. The food can simply be left in; this is even beneficial in the long term.

    Size: 30g

    Organic soy bran, chard, spinach, pumpkin, carrot, pepper, algae

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Snow Flakes 3 in 1 Mix rocks

    Tried these as soon as they arrived with my shrimpies. There was a more drastic response to them than their normal foods (Hikari shrimp cuisine, Extreme scavenger peewee).

    Matthew Johnson
    Shrimp and Snails

    Flips aquatics's quality of critters and their pride to have healthy stock really shows in how healthy and active they came in. Not a single loss. I love this store. Really wish them many years of success!

    Carlos Martínez

    Great product shrimp love it

    Snow Flakes 3 in 1 mix

    So far my shrimp have not touched the snow flakes. I am sure they are ok but the shrimp don't seem interested in them.


    We are so sorry to hear your shrimp don't like this food! Usually shrimp go nuts for this stuff! It could be that your shrimp have plenty of biofilm and algae in their tank and are happy with just that. Hopefully they like it in the future!