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Snow Flakes

Snow Flakes is a great supplement food for shrimp. The biggest benefit of using snow flakes is that it will not foul your water which means you can leave it in the tank until the shrimp completely consume it. Unlike other shrimp foods that need removed after 4 hours. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Never have to Remove Uneaten Food
  • Provides a Constant Food Source for the Shrimp while in the Aquarium
  • Made with Soy Bean making it High in Trace Minerals and Fiber
  • High Fiber Content makes it a Great Choice to help Shrimp Digestion

Size: 30g

100% Bio Soy bran

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Ann B
Kinda popular with the group…..

This was an immediate hit with all occupants of my nano tank!

Greg Kittle

This is the second time I’ve feed this to my shrimp. They are going absolutely crazy for this stuff. Five stars to Flip Aquatics !!!!!

David Hall
They Liked It

The shrimp came out when this was dropped in and they loved it, but so did the nerite snails too lol

Rachel Z
Worry free!

Drop it in, watch it expand, shrimp go crazy, no dissolving. All around great, snails and shrimp like to munch on it and it pretty much stays where you drop it.

Aquashella was great!

Got to meet the super nice team and they sold me on this product. After using it I can say its one of my favorite foods. My #1 food for going out of town because it does not cloud water or overly dissolve.