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Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies - Spirulina Pack

Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies - Spirulina Pack

As a very special treat, the gently produced Spirulina Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollipops are a welcome change for your invertebrates! Dwarf shrimps, in particular, pounce on the lollipop with enthusiasm and are great to watch while eating. In cooperation with leading shrimp breeders, Shrimptastic has developed this biologically balanced treat with high-quality spirulina and with love, passion and competence.

Watch your happy shrimp gather around the treat

Smelling good and extremely tasty, they lure even the shyest shrimp out of their hiding place, and watching all of these invertebrates gather in one place is a great sight to see. In no time at all, your shrimps will find their way to the lollipop and nibble away with delight.

A healthy treat for your invertebrates

The best thing about the Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollipops is that it's healthy: because the Shrimp Lollipops contain only 100% natural ingredients without artificial additives or attractants, it allows for optimal digestibility, which improves the quality of the water.

The incredible benefits of Shrimp Lollipops

The Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollipops contain valuable minerals and vitamins that contribute to increased wellbeing and a strong immune system thanks to valuable spirulina algae. They thus make a valuable contribution to daily feeding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dana Feigenblatt
My shrimp loved them!

A perfect treat for my shrimp!


My shrimp and snails love them!

Luis Fernando Matamoros Castillo
Les encanta

A las gambas les encantan la peletas

Mindy Puskas
Shrimp Love Them

My shrimp love lollies. They clean all of it off and all that’s left is the stick. There isn’t a lollie they don’t like.

Yulia Uzkaya
Fishes, snails loved it but shrimps....

I bought spirulina lollies for my shrimp aquarium, but instead little fishes and mystery snails have been enjoying it more than the shrimps. I will try another type of lollies next time, maybe shrimps will love it more.