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Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies - Combo Pack (Beetroot, Carrot, Kale, Pollen, & Spirulina)

Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies - Combo Pack (Beetroot, Carrot, Kale, Pollen, & Spirulina)

If you're looking for a delicious, healthy treat for your shrimp, but simply can't choose from the many options we offer, then look no further than the Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies Combo Pack. It contains all of our most popular tastes to not only give your shrimp and other invertebrates some variety, but it also allows you to see which one your aquatic buddies like the most.

A real nutrient bomb

Most shrimp and other invertebrates are real scavengers, meaning that they'll eat practically anything organic that doesn't eat them first. However, unless you fully optimize your aquarium specifically for the wellbeing of your shrimp, it can be difficult for your shrimp to find all the nutrients they may need for their wellbeing, growth and breeding. This is where the Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies come it: they are filled with healthy micronutrients to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

Even shy shrimp will come out of hiding

Some shrimp simply like staying hidden more than others, but as an aquarium owner, you may want to see all of your aquatic buddies. The Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies are a great way to gather all of your fish and invertebrates in one place: By either holding one in the water by hand or by placing the stick in the bottom material of your aquarium, all of your fishy friends will quickly gather in one place to nibble on this delicious treat.

Suitable for daily supplementation

Because of how much shrimp loves these lollies, you may be tempted to give them to them frequently, and that's alright! The Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies are made of 100% natural materials. We suggest giving one lollipop a day to prevent overfeeding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shrimptastic Shrimp Lollies Combo Pack

So far my shrimp really like these. They are a little pricey for what you get though
Will use them just as a treat once a month

Nichole Hansen
Great Treats!

MY shrimp loved these treats. Easy to use and the shrimp loved them

Thomas McDonnell
Shrimp Love These

My neocaradina love these! Put beetroot in the tank (bury the pointed end in the substrate otherwise they float) and the shrimp cleaned it off in a couple hours. I don't think the spiruluna one lasted even an hour.

Joe Adamson
Lollies for shrimp

I got the combo pack and it didn’t matter which flavor, the cherry shrimp were all over it, the stick was cleaned in 30minutes, the lollies are a great treat for your shrimp, it’s something to see, with all your shrimp out, climbing over each other, I plan to order more!……….😎

Jennifer Schmitz
Shrimp don’t eat

My shrimp have no interest in these lollies.

Hey Jennifer!

Thanks so much for your order and for your review! That is not good to hear! I wonder why as our shrimp are loving them here? Sorry that the food didn't work out for your little guys though and if there's anything that you would like to discuss further or any ideas as to why your shrimp didn't care for them we are all ears over at
Thanks again and have a great day!