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Neocaridina Shrimp Starter Pack

Shrimp Starter Pack - Imported Shrimp

Build your own shrimp starter pack: Pick which aquarium shrimp you want and then your order will come with the following: 

  • 10  x Shrimp of your choice ( 20 x if Cherry Shrimp)
  • 10 x Indian Almond Leaves
  • 3 x Food Samples of Shrimp Food - 6 month Supply
  • 1 x 3D Shrimp Net

Customer Reviews

Based on 421 reviews
Healthy shrimp, great packing, extremely responsive

I received some misleading info from USPS tracking but Flip team was very responsive to my inquiries, and package did end up arriving within reasonable timeframe (USPS issue, nothing Flip did wrong).

As with my previous orders, the starter pack was carefully packed with clear acclimation instructions. Red Cherry Shrimp arrived in two well-sealed breather bags with about 10 in each. 23 total shrimp, no DOAs.

Shrimp were a mix of red cherry grades, I would say about 1/3 low, 1/3 mid, 1/3 high grade (i.e. complete red, red legs). I am a first time shrimp owner and not currently interested in breeding for maximum red coloration so this was fine for me.

Portions of sample food and indian almond leaves were generous. Food samples were a mixed variety of the brands they sell (Shrimp King, Northfin, etc.) The net was as described and very useful (telescoping square 3D net).

Rob and team have been extremely responsive to my inquiries as a new shrimp owner, answering questions about coloration, parameters, etc.

Highly recommended, very reasonable price during holiday sale, and as always extremely friendly and helpful staff.

Vic D
Excellent kit!

Shrimp arrived healthy and active, the net is a huge upgrade off of anything from Amazon, and the food samples are perfect for varying their diet.

Vickie D
Great starter pack!

I ordered the starter pack for the shrimp net. My order arrived two days ahead of schedule with no casualties and two additional shrimp per bag. I have plenty of shrimp food and other shrimp nets, but was curious about the difference in the shrimp net from flip aquatics, I love this net! I have other shrimp nets that are very weak and collapse easily. I ordered the carbon rili to grow my carbon rili colony. The food samples in the starter pack are also nice to have for a variety. I’ll be ordering additional nets with my next order. Thank you flip aquatics for great products and customer service! Keep up the quality work!

Mark Hosemann
Shrimp pack

All shrimp arrived carefully packed. Not a single death. Was very pleased. They’re actively helping me raise Cory Fry.

Kyle Mcilroy
Arrived alive

Superb packaging and all shrimp were alive on arrival.