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Neocaridina Shrimp Starter Pack

Shrimp Starter Pack - Imported Shrimp

Build your own shrimp starter pack: Pick which aquarium shrimp you want and then your order will come with the following: 

  • 10  x Shrimp of your choice ( 20 x if Cherry Shrimp)
  • 10 x Indian Almond Leaves
  • 3 x Food Samples of Shrimp Food - 6 month Supply
  • 1 x 3D Shrimp Net

Customer Reviews

Based on 427 reviews
Colin McKay
Very good learning experience!

Buying these shrimp has been a learning experience. For example, learning water parameters and researching local municipal water reports has told me that I need to invest in an rodi unit to ensure my shrimp only get what they need through supplementation!

Super impressed

Just got my shrimp last night and was so impressed with the quality. I received zero casualties and many of my shrimp were pregnant! I'm already stocking my cart for my next purchase.

Ray Houston
Love my shrimp!

Many of the shrimp seem to be of an even higher quality than I expected, and all are very nice. No losses in shipping and they're now breeding like crazy in their new home!

Sean Leavell
Great value

Wanted to start my own colony of cherry shrimp and decided to get starter pack. All shrimp arrived in good health.

kalaeb wagstaff
Definitely worth my money

I ordered 10 orange pumpkin shrimp and it was around 4 days for processing but only 2 day shipping! I absolutely will do business again. All shrimp were alive (an extra 2 were included). for sure a great conpany!