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Shrimp Baby 35g

Shrimp Baby is one of the first foods we used here at Flip Aquatics. It is a high protein powdered food designed specifically for the health and growth of baby shrimp. Ingredients like zooplankton and high levels of Omega fatty acids provide baby shrimp with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for fast development, healthy shell growth, and vibrant shell color. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Specifically formulated for baby shrimp
  • 300 ppm astaxanthin for vibrant shell color
  • High protein content
  • Powdered to ensure it reaches even the smallest shrimp 

Size: 35g

zooplankton, protein extracts of vegetable origin, squid, Omega 3 oil, Gammarus, Daphnia, white cabbage, Spirulina, spinach, rosemary, Nannochloropsis algae, Moringa oleifera, minerals, yeast, green-lipid mussel, brine shrimp, balm, Chlorella algae, fennel, pollen, grape seeds, and vitamins D, E, and C.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Jim Keese
Order filled quickly

Delivered quickly and at a good price. Have pregnant shrimp so haven't tried yet.

Chrissy Shaw

Bought this to feed new shrimplets, and also to supplement my bamboo shrimp. Both seem to enjoy it, and the shrimplets are getting bigger every time I find them in the tank!

David Chambers
Shrimp Baby

My shrimp tank has responded incredibly well to the Shrimp Baby food. I will buy it again.

Greg Kittle
So far, so good

Only used it three times but these cherry shrimp seem to like it . Flip Aquatics is definitely the go to for shrimp and supplies.

Thomas Stewart

Shrimp Baby 35g