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Rotala Wallichii "Whorly Rotala"

Rotala Wallichii "Whorly Rotala"is a variation of Rotala that is somewhat difficult to keep compared to the other Rotala variations. Medium to high light with additional fertilization is usually required and will help prevent lower stem portions from dying off. With proper lighting and fertilization Rotala Wallichii will produce a pinkish/red hue on it's leaves. Higher phosphate levels should produce a more red appearance in this variation.

Use of a high quality planted tank substrate (our favorites can be found by clicking here) and CO2 injection can help yield better growth and color.

You will receive one (1) bunch that includes 3-5 stems of this plant. Portion size may vary. 

Scientific Name: Rotala wallichii "Whorly"

Light Requirements: Medium to High

Care Level: Hard

Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. Propagation of Rotala is similar to all other stem plants where you cut the stem and replant into the substrate. 

 *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful plants for my tank

Really impressed with the packaging and health of the plants and shrimp after a trip thru the mail. I got ordered two wallichii and I must have gotten 4 good root clusters!

Janet Davies
Assassin’s nails

Assassin’s nails Oh great I love them

Hey Janet!

Thank you so much for your order! How are the snails doing now! Any losses? We would love to talk to you about this and do what we can to make your experience with us the best it can be! If you would like that also, please email me back at Have a great day!


Beautiful plant

It truly is a beautiful plant and gives your tank a nice color pop. Arrived smushed and half dying but with a lot of TLC it has perked up and looks great. I’ve bought aquatic plants from other sellers and they arrived better packaged and in better quality. Definitely was a bit bummed at arrival but like I said with a lot of TLC it made a come around and is doing great.

Hi Jackie!

Thank you so much for your order!

We are so sorry to hear your plant arrived in rough shape, but are glad to hear it is doing better now! If you have any further issues with it please let us know!


Colleen Callahan
Rotala wallichii

Plant stems arrived in good shape but they were tiny. Planted it in my dirted 5 g nano tank. I know it’s labeled as a somewhat difficult plant and I’m not running CO2 in that tank so I’ll see how it does. There is a new shoot on one of the stems so I’m hopeful.

Hey Colleen!

Thanks so much for your order and for your email! I'm sorry to hear that the plants were a little bit small for your liking. If you wanted to talk more about it with me and see if there is anything that we can do for you please email me back at and I'd be happy to see what we can do! Have a great day!