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Red Tiger Lotus

Red Tiger lotus

The Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea Zenkeri) is a gorgeous tropical lily which is one of the most popular in the aquaria of hobbyists. They are fantastic solitary plants that will brighten up your tank with their reddish leaves, even growing flowers under the right conditions.

For whom is the Red Tiger Lotus suited?

There is a good reason these plants are so popular; they are incredibly easy to care for. They have no specific special needs. All they need is an open, well-lit space to grow. Fertilizer can be added to promote growth, but this is not necessary for these plants to thrive.

What are they like?

You could promote their growth with a fertilizer, though this is often not desired, as they will vigorously grow long-stalked floating leaves which may block the light from the plants below. You can either removed these leaves as they grow, or you can let them be, allowing beautiful white flowers to grow from them. These are incredibly fragrant and will bloom from the evening until the late morning.

The ideal conditions for the Red Tiger Lotus

Overall, the Red Tiger Lotus doesn't have any special needs. They are alright in waters that are light acidic or alkaline and are alright at temperatures between 15 °C and 30 °C. On top of that, they can grow in both hard and soft waters. Just make sure to remove the long-stalked floating leaves every now and then to ensure that the plants in the depths of your tank still get sufficient light.


Please Note: You should not burry the bulb of this plant deeper than 1/4 of the bulb or it can decay/rot. Our plants may contain snails or duckweed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jeremy Stoeckel
Nice plant.

The lotus came sprouting with four leaves. It has since grown more leaves and is beginning to reach for the top. Nice plant will order from Flip Aquatics again.


Growing well.Already putting out new leaves.Very happy!

So far so good!

I've had this in the tank for a few days now and already a new leaf has bloomed and a new one is growing. Plant looks happy and healthy. The color is gorgeous.

Skyler Palmer

Received this plant along with a few others and some snails, that all arrived healthy and are thriving. Flip Aquatics was kind enough to put a huge, long lasting heating pad in the box. Which was still warm when I received it all the way in Alaska, in the winter! Will be ordering again!

Awesome condition!

The plants arrived in great condition! I will use Flip aquatics again!