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Red Root Floaters

Red Root Floaters

The Red Root Floaters,also known by its scientific name Phyllanthus Fluitans, is the ideal water plant for your open aquarium. On top of their 5 – 10 cm long, thin stems, there are 1 – 2 cm long hairy and centrally arched floating leaves. The edge of these leaves is flat and heart-shaped incised at the base. Their characteristic reddish roots draw their nutrients from the water of your aquarium.

For whom are the Red Root Floaters suited?

The Red Root Floaters may not be as suitable for beginners, as they do require an extra bit of care. For ideal growth, they require rather specific lighting and water conditions, and they may require additional fertilizer for healthy growth, as your aquarium may lack the necessary trace elements these plants need.

What are they like?

Although the leaves are water-repellent, they do not tolerate dripping water, which may cause them to start rotting. It is therefore only recommended for use in open aquaria. What's interesting is that the better the lighting conditions, the deeper red the leaves start to become. Good lighting promotes the red colouring of the leaves, which are light green in low light, and accelerates otherwise slow growth. However, harder water is preferred with increasing light incidence. An adequate supply of nutrients also accelerates growth, which may require additional fertilizer. If your Red Root Floater feels well, small white flower umbels can sprout in the leaf axils, from which green fruits develop. However, this has rarely been observed in aquaria and can be considered a challenge for enthusiasts.

The ideal conditions for the Red Root Floaters

Red Root Floaters do not like currents and thrive best in water with medium hardness, with the exact hardness depending on the lighting intensity. The water temperature should be between 24 - 31 °C, as should the ambient temperature in the terrarium, where constant high humidity must also be ensured, although dripping water should be avoided. Further, the water can be slightly acidic. Regular fertilization with trace elements via the water column ensures healthy growth.

    *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*


    Customer Reviews

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    They look exactly like the photo no deceptive bright red floaters and then you get a pile of mush 😆 they loook like the picture which I think are very pretty in my low tech tank. Bright lime green with pink roots very nice

    Eric Matey
    Red root Floaters

    Product was healthy and arrived quickly

    Carl Becker

    I not only got a single order of red root floaters but also a order of duck weed both arrived in great condition and are loving there new waters. In fact I'm so happy with my purchase I'm going to be making a larger purchase very soon.

    Robbin Sandlin
    Great Red Root Floaters

    Ordered in the past and keep coming back. Healthy plants always.

    Ronnie Andrews
    My Red Root Floaters

    I had received the last 5 red root floaters from you guys. Four of them were perfect, the last one was broken. So I put all of them in my shrimp tank. And in a week I had almost double!!! The broken one the top started growing roots, and the roots had a little stem. It too started growing leaves. So everything is perfect!!! I just wish you guys had MORE!!! ❤️👍👍