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Orange Rabbit Snails

Orange rabbit snails resemble Malaysian trumpet snails in shape but rabbit snails are much larger in size. The shape and color of rabbit snails are slightly different as well. They are equally as valuable for your aquarium as Malaysian trumpet snails making them a great alternative. Snails will be equal to or larger than 1/4 of an inch.

Main Benefits:

  • Snails help keep a shrimp tank from re-cycling by provided adequate bio-load
  • By burrowing into the substrates, these snails help keep turn the substrate which prevents gas build up. 
  • Snails eat left over food to prevent ammonia spikes
  • Hardy so they can adjust to most water parameters 

When Receiving Snails: 

  1. Place the snails in a corner of the tank and make a mental note where they were place
  2. Watch the snails over 7 days, if they do not move remove them from the aquarium
  3. Give the snails a smell and if they stink, then they are dead
  4. If they do not smell, add them back to the aquarium and give it another 3 days
  5. It is common for snails to burrow into the substrate and disappear from sight

More Information: 

 Also know as the elephant snails, rabbit snails are very peaceful in nature. They have a great temperament to them and they enjoy exploring the aquarium. They are never aggressive to other inhabitants. Rabbit snails tend to be active throughout the day and night. They do not favor one time or the other to be active. 

Care Parameters: 

  • TDS between 200 and 400 
  • GH between 6 and 15
  • KH between 4 and 8
  • PH around 7.2 to 7.8
  • These parameters are what we keep them at, they can adjust to other parameters as well. Try to stay on the harder side rather than softer water. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Javier Angeles

Honestly, amazing service! From browsing through the website, to email communications to then the product delivery- fast and reliable. Thank you!

Joyce T
Cute little guys!

These are really cute and fun to watch. Arrived safely! Glad I bought them.

Ben Wilkins
Rabbit snails

All the snails arrive in good condition and were immediately active after drip acclimation was completed. 3/3 still moving a week later!

J Bradley Sanders

Orange Rabbit Snails

Cara Sawyer
Are they alive???

We waited to submit a review in case the snails were still acclimating to their environment but they have not moved once in the past week and are still at the bottom of the tank. When the box arrived the water was ice cold. The order was placed on October 14th. We received notice on the 18th that the shipment was on it's way but the snails were not delivered until October 24th. Due to the lack of any sort of movement in 9 days I can only assume that they all arrived deceased. Please advise.