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Narrow Leaf Java Fern

Narrow Leaf Java fern is a great low light plant that is extremely hardy. It is similar to regular java fern but with thin leaves. The unique look makes more of a bush effect in the aquarium. Narrow leaf java fern does not require much to thrive making it the perfect addition to any planted shrimp tank.  

You will receive one portion of Narrow Leaf Java Fern. Usually, this will include one plant with at least 4 leaves. Portion size may vary. 

Main Benefits:

  • Low light plant for easy maintenance
  • Helps convert toxins in the water and heavy metals into safe organics 
  • Promotes oxygen rich water
  • Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp

More Information: 

Narrow leaf java fern is by far one of our favorite plants at Flip Aquatics. As one can tell from the name, narrow leaf java fern is the same as standard java fern just with a thinner leaf. Narrow leaf java fern looks great in the aquarium and can create the perfect focal point when attached to some driftwood.

We currently keep narrow leaf java fern under a few conditions. It does best in our tank that has Fluval Shrimp Stratum with low light. The extra nutrients really make this plant grow well. Although, we grow it well in our other tanks that have pool filtered sand, no added nutrients and again low light. Therefore, narrow leaf java fern is hardy and we would consider a good beginner plant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jesse Hughes
Full and healthy

I was pleasantly surprised at how much of this plant I actually got. Others would have given me a smaller size with only 2 stems. Vary healthy looking and I got my monies worth of plant amount. Thanks!

wesley dryden
Healthy plants with many plantlets

They came fast and have many plantlets on them ready to be propagated.

Serge Sarichny
Echinodorus Vesuvius

Ordered two plants, both arrived in great shape, along with some fish that I ordered.

Mark Williams
Great plant with excellent service

The java fern was in excellent shape, looked beautiful, and got here quickly.

Thom Roach
narrow leaf java plant

Plant arrived in great condition.....have not had it long enough to tell how well it will do ......Thom