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Mineral Hearts 6.7g

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GlasGarten Mineral Hearts

Many aquatic inhabitants severely lack certain minerals that support their wellbeing, as they can be difficult to find in aquariums. This is why many aquarists tend to add supplements to their aquariums to fill the gaps in their fish's diet, and as far as high-quality mineral supplements go, the GlasGarten Mineral Hearts are an excellent option.

What are GlasGarten Mineral Hearts?

GlasGarten Mineral Hearts allow shrimps, crayfish, and snails to be supplemented with minerals over an extended period. The mineral hearts can be added as supplementary food in the aquarium. The mineral hearts are reasonably hard and therefore retain their shape for a number of days (depending on the number of shrimps and mineral requirements). This allows the mineral hearts to be eaten/ingested when there is a need for this by the animals.

What are other benefits of the Mineral Hearts?

In addition to being a supplement to the shrimp food, the minerals are also slowly released into the water. The free minerals have a purifying effect and provide support for the aquarium filter. This keeps the water quality always optimal and the risk of waste peaks small.

How much of the Mineral Hearts should you give?

GlasGarten Mineral Hearts can easily be left in the aquarium for a long time as they do not pollute the water. This means that we recommend putting the Mineral Hearts into your aquarium based on the needs of your shrimp. Start with just one, and see how long it takes to be consumed.

    Size: 6.7g

    Minerals (97%), Chlorella algae, peppers, asian cabbage, squid, fennel

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Jeff Smith
    Everything I asked for

    Everything I order came packed professionally and the two different types of snails that I ordered all arrived healthy and alive. I recommend Flip Aquatics for all your aquarium needs.

    Dylan davis
    Shrimp love them

    Long lasting and shrimp and snails love them

    Elizabeth Sanders
    My wee shrimps and snails LOVE this stuff

    Wish I had ordered more of these. They're a bit pricy but last for several weeks in my tanks, and my neocaridina shrimps absolutely devour them.

    Luis Fernando Matamoros Castillo

    Buen producto, espero mi gambas tengan una larga y sana vida