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Metal Air Valves - Multiple Outlets

Metal Air Valves

This metal gang valve is great for distributing air from an air pump to multiple tanks for filtration or aeration. The valves are easily adjusted with knobs to distribute the right amount of air to your aquariums. These valves can distribute air to air stones, sponge filters, bubble wands, or mattenfilters.


  • Easy to operate
  • Rust-resistant
  • Provides flow outputs to multiple locations via one input
  • Each output is adjustable

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Rothrock
It’s about the shrimp, not the air valve

Great communication! And the shrimp are wonderful. They arrived well packed, all alive, and on time. It was a nice assortment of colors and sizes with a total of 6 extras in the complete order. My intention was to document all the colors before putting them in my planted tank so I could somewhat track their development. But I spaced-out after accumulating them and I put them in before tallying the colors. Now I just watch to see who comes out of the greenery for treats.
When I’d owned a pet shop 30 years ago, the only shrimp available were ghost/glass shrimp. These cherry shrimp variants are captivating! Thank you and I hope/plan to do business with FlipAquatics again.