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Matten Filter - 40 Gallon Breeder

Matten Filters are the best filtration for freshwater shrimp keeping and breeding. The amount of surface area the filter creates makes a great feeding surface for shrimp and baby shrimp. Microorganisms thrive on the sponges surface making it an ideal place for shrimp to find natural food. 

Key Features:

  • Creates the ideal Water Circulation for a Shrimp Tank
  • Huge Surface Area for Beneficial Bacteria to Thrive
  • Inexpensive Running Cost
  • Low Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Perfect for Larger Breeding Projects
  • Small PPI Prevents Shrimp from Getting Stuck in the Foam
  • 2 to 4 times the Surface Area of Typical Sponge Filters

Item Specification:

Foam Type: Black Reticulated Foam
Pores per Inch (PPI): 35
Size: 18 x 15.5 x 3
Items Included: Matten Filter and Two Lift Tubes 
Items not Included: Airline Tubing or Air Stone 

More Information:

The Matten filters here at Flip Aquatics are made out of the same material as 99% of the sponge filters on the market. It is a durable foam that is completely shrimp and fish safe. Recently, we began experimenting with Matten filters in our shrimp breeding tanks. After just a few short months, we saw a huge change in the health of our shrimp and the behavior. Shrimp breeding picked up and baby shrimp survival rates started to rise. Here are the two reasons we feel Matten Filters are the best filtration for freshwater shrimp tanks: surface area and flow.

The Matten filter provides a whole wall of filtration. The surface area is usually 2 to 4 times as large as a standard sponge filter. This is great for colonizing bacteria, reducing risk of clogs and it provides a surface where baby shrimp can scavenge. The filter will be littered with biofilm and micro organisms that are essential to the survival of baby shrimp.

The flow created by the lift tubes on the Matten filter provide the ideal amount of flow for a freshwater shrimp tank. It creates an ideal current that flows from top to bottom. By having the bottom of the lift tube close to the bottom of the tank, it is essential moving water from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank. This creates great circulation throughout the whole tank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Great filter at reasonable price!

I decided to buy this pre-cut matten filter out of convenience. I have successfully made my own before, but it’s a PIA sourcing proper foam- vendors on Amazon and elsewhere don’t always provide accurate PPI/foam density ratings or thickness and it can be very frustrating. My homemade matten filter that I built based on flip aquatics YouTube video has made a major difference in the health of my 200 strong Neo shrimp tank. I am excited to be using this purchased one on my very first axolotl tank and I am really hoping it provides a nice low flow environment with a massive amount of biological filtration- it’s a gigantic sponge filter and I believe it actually has more “bio media capacity” than the canister filter I run on my other 40. One thing I have noticed is that there are very few videos out there regarding the cleaning and maintenance of matten filters…I realize this isn’t rocket science- squish the sponge out in removed tank water…but it is always a little nerve wracking for me as I am scared about killing the good bacteria in the sponge and crashing my cycle…I realize items in your tank like substrate, plants decor also hold good bacteria but it still would be nice to know what experts do. And how do you know when it’s time to replace a matten filter sponge? Also will replacement sponges be available for sale on flip?


Love the filter. First time trying it. Wish it came with air stones. But luckily I had some on standby.

Sean Bohlke

Matten Filter - 40 Gallon Breeder

Impressive Product!!!

I will never use another type of filter again for breeding shrimp and hill stream loaches. This is the best hands down.

Richard Hickenbottom
Awesome Filter

I love it! Thank you!