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KatsAquatics Salty Sensations Invert Calcium

Introducing KatsAquatics Salty Sensations Invert Calcium, the first calcium-enriched saltwater invert food in the market. Specially formulated for a saltier environment, this calcium-rich food ensures optimal nutrition for your marine invertebrates. With calcium carbonate as the primary ingredient, along with a variety of nutritious foods, our guaranteed analysis surpasses other options.

Rest assured, our water-insoluble calcium won't affect your water parameters. These sinking tablets rapidly reach your inverts without dissolving into the water. Your invertebrates can easily find and consume them, making the calcium biologically available for digestion. Say goodbye to dosing and risks associated with altering water chemistry.


  • Packed with ingestible calcium for strong shells and vitality
  • High protein content promotes growth
  • Won't affect water parameters under proper use
  • Convenient and hassle-free, no dosing or micromanaging required
  • Thorvin Kelp provides optimal micronutrients
  • Sustainably sourced and made

Ideal for:

  • Saltwater shrimp, crabs, snails, and starfish
  • Prevents calcium deprivation and weak, damaged shells
  • Encourages breeding, healthy growth, and beautiful shells
  • Creates a healthy, fulfilled ecosystem as nature intended

Provide your saltwater invertebrates with the best. Choose KatsAquatics Salty Sensations Invert Calcium for thriving and vibrant marine life.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Fish meal, Water, Wheat, Throvin Kelp, Egg Protein, Spirulina, Garlic.

Size: 1.7oz

Product weights vary slightly due to density of vegetables used within formula, though size of jars and relative quantity of chips remains unchanged

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