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Jungle Val

Jungle Val

The Jungle Val (Vallisneria Americana) is an unproblematic and fast-growing plant for large aquaria. In most aquaria, the leaves become so long that they flood on the water. Therefore you have to prune the plant to avoid too much shade. The tough, strong leaves are generally not eaten by herbivorous fish, ensuring that these green plants will continuously decorate your tank.

For whom is the Jungle Val suited?

The Jungle Val is 100% beginner-friendly. They grow rather rapidly without requiring any special care, and because of their relatively thin leaves, they generally don't obstruct plants at the bottom of your tank from receiving light. However, every now and then, it is recommended to remove the leaves that are starting to flood on the water.

What are they like?

The reason the Jungle Val is so popular among beginners is because of how easy they are to grow. What makes them unique is the fact that the Jungle Val grows much thicker and longer leaves than other Vallisneria. This allows them to rapidly fill up your aquarium, providing your fish with a lovely green field.

The ideal conditions for the Jungle Val

The Jungle Val can grow 50 – 100 cm tall, making them ideal for taller aquaria. When it comes to water, they prefer slightly harder and more alkaline water. They do not require a lot of light to thrive and will grow just fine without fertilizer. It is recommended to trim your Jungle Val occasionally, especially when the leaves start reaching the surface to prevent them from drying out and dying.

 *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Furco II

Jungle Val

Maureen Keefe
Plants are healthiest ever!!

The water onion plants and Vals I ordered were all healthy and so large!! Am never let down with any plants ordered from Flip Aquatics!! They are still looking great and even new growth stems coming already! Very satisfied!

Andrew Proulx

Jungle Val

Michael Hingco

Jungle Val

William Tapp

Jungle Val