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Intake Sponge - Medium


Intake Sponge Small

This medium sized intake sponge is a great product to use with small hang on back filters and small powerheads. The coarse sponge material makes for great durability and allows a good amount of flow through the sponge.

Intake hole: ¾ (.75) inch

Diameter: 2 ½ inch

Length: 6 inch



  • Makes almost all filters fry safe, preventing them from being sucked into the filter
  • First stage (pre-filter filtration), prevents fish waste from getting into the filter media
  • Easy to maintenance, great durability

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tommy Averette

Product quality is great and service is excellent!!

Jose Roa
Easy peasy

Received intake sponge on time. Just wish I had ordered the bigger one.
Flip Aquatics continues to deliver great customer service. Can't really say the same for other online suppliers.

Luke S McIntosh
Great company

Second time ordering one of these intake sponges from Flip for one of my HOB filters. Once again great product, great customer service, and fast shipping. I'd happily recommend Flip to anyone who asked for a good supplier for the hobby

William Moore
Great sponge

The sponge is high quality and was a good price. If you keep shrimp or have fish that may be breeding an intake sponge is a must. I know you can get them many places, the difference is Flip Aquatics is a bunch of nice people so why not buy from them.

Flip Aquatics Intake Sponges-Medium Size

Fast delivery and work great on my Top Fin 5 gallon starter kits, Yes I Highly Recommend these sponges to anyone keeping shrimp in a small tank with HoB filtration, nothing but respect for Flip Aquatics Products and Delivery Service, the Best...Flip Aquatics You Rock !!!