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Hygrophila salicifolia "Blue Hygro"

Hygrophila salicifolia

The Blue Hygro (also known at Hygrophila salicifolia) is unique due to the blue tint their leaves have. This can add a whole new aspect to your aquarium, especially if you’re ready for something else than a green background. They are perfectly suited in aquaria with young fish, as their leaves provide plenty of cover for them to hide in.

From whom is the Blue Hygro suited?

The Blue Hygro is an incredibly sturdy plant. The fact that they can thrive in low-tech aquaria, in addition to their beautiful blue tint, makes them beloved with both beginners and more advanced aquarists. They are great for those who are looking for a colourful background for their aquarium and for aquarists who enjoy breeding fish, as their leaves function as excellent cover for the little guys.

What are they like?

The Blue Hygro is an incredibly prolific grower. Even under sub-optimal conditions, they will fill up the entire background of your aquarium in no-time. If you allow the Blue Hygro to grow above the waterline, it will even start to form beautiful flowers.

The ideal conditions for the Blue Hygro

If you’re just starting out with your new hobby, you’re in luck! The Blue Hygrocan thrive in ever low-tech set-ups, no matter the water hardness. They require a temperature of about 68 – 82 °F, a neutral to slightly acidic pH and moderate lighting. Fertilizing occasionally is recommended to ensure the healthy growth of your new aquarium addition.

Scientific Name:Hygrophila salicifolia "Blue Hygro"

Light Requirements: Medium to High

Care Level: Moderate

Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. Propagation of this plant is achieved by cutting stems and replanting them in the substrate.

 *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ginger Coates
Fast growing

Great plant, grows quickly

brian sayaseng

The plant came in perfectly fine. I just wished that the trimming of the plants could develop roots first before they were shipped. Other than that, the packaging was done really well and couldn’t have been any better.

Martin McGowan

Great plant, I love the broad leaves for breaking the line of sight in the tank. Arrived with a very healthy root system and definitely helped to give my dwarf cichlids some much needed cover!

Catherine Larrouy
Really cool plant, but showed up already melting

I really like this plant, it showed up almost completely melted unfortunately. It’s been in my tank for a week and lost 90% of the growth it arrived with, hoping it comes back because it’s a beautiful plant!

Hi Catherine!

We are so sorry to hear your plant melted! Unfortunately, this is common with some aquarium plants during times of low light or when being acclimated to a new environment. Give your plant two weeks and it should start to send off new growth. If you have any further issues with this please let us know!


William Fussell
Blue Hygro

Looked good to begin with but began to melt several days after they were put into the substrate.

Hi William!

We are so sorry to hear your plant is having some melting. This is normal when the plant is shipped and it should start growing new growth in two weeks, If you continue to have problems with this plant please email us at shipping@flipaquatics.com so we can help you!