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Water Wisteria

Wisteria is a great beginner stem plant for those in the aquarium hobby. It has the ability to grow compact or tall depending on the amount of times it is trimmed. It has a very leafy and broad structure at the tops of the stems.

*Rapid changes in tank parameters can result in the melting of the plant

You will receive one (1) potted plant, Portion size may vary. 

Scientific Name: Hygrophila difformis

Light Requirements: Medium/High

Care Level: Easy

Note: Please do additional research on your plant to ensure its health. Propagation of this plant is achieved by cutting horizontal shoots and replanting them in the aquarium substrate.

 *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Camden Fortune
Water wisteria

Came in good packaging all alive but some leaves were fallen off but I put it in my tank and in less than a week they were half grown back already! This is a good plant!

Christian Broadhurst
Snails and plants

Extremely healthy and well packed.

Sean Leavell
Great plant and service.

Plant arrived on time and in great shape. No melting.
Beautiful and hardy addition to any aquarium.

Alan Kaufman
Water Wisteria

Received 3 stems in good condition! This is my third or fourth order with Flip and as always, I’m a satisfied customer!

Stunning quality

Was a lot larger than expected and in superb health.