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GlasGarten Snail Safe - Keep Snails from Crawling out of your Aquarium

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Glasgarten Snail Safe

While snails are a lovely addition to your aquarium, the fact that they can climb the walls of your tank can also be a little bit problematic. That's why as an aquarist, it is important to have measures in place that prevent your little snails from venturing too far towards the edge of your tank. This is where GlasGarten Snail Safe comes in. This organic material creates a natural border that simply prevents your snails from passing it without causing any damage to them, other fish or affecting the water quality.

What is GlasGarten Snail Safe?

Snail Safe can be easily applied as a thin, transparent film like a cream, so that you create a barrier even for your snails where they should not crawl. Snail Safe adheres well to all dry surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood, metal etc. and is water-repellent. When applying it, you may need to lower the water level in your tank slightly.

Why choose GlasGarten Snail Safe?

Contrary to many other snail barriers, GlasGarten Snail Safe prevents your snails from going too far in a natural way. Once Snail Safe has hardened, it creates a hydrophobic surface that is simply unpleasant for the sensitive bottom of the snail, making them immediately turn around. It does so completely without any harmful chemicals.

How to apply GlasGarten Snail Safe

Take some Snail Safe with your finger and apply a thin layer to the dry aquarium rim around the open aquarium. If, for example, only individual openings are to be covered, apply directly around the opening. The surface must be dry when applying. Residues can be easily removed with a dry kitchen cloth. 

Size: 25 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Gorgeous art! The gift recipient was thrilled with the authenticity of the snail, and loved the crystal.

Sandra Botting
Escape proof

Thus far my very active mystery snails have not crossed the barrier that I spread on the tank. I purchased the product because one day l looked behind my fish tank, at the floor. Needless to say I had about 6 escapees dead on the floor. 😥. I never missed them as I other fish and mystery snails in the tank.

So if I can keep them inside, great. I also have a mystery snail breeder box & I want to keep the “babies “ protected as long as possible.