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GlasGarten Algae Chips

Glasgarten Algae Chips

GlasGarten Algae Chips are the ideal supplementary shrimp food, consisting entirely of dried seaweed. Seaweed is naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and minerals, which will greatly benefit the wellbeing and growth of your shrimp.

What are the GlasGarten Algae Chips made of?

The GlasGarten Algae Chips are made of 100% high-quality seaweed, which contains important vital substances and proteins, but do not pollute the water when the recommended dosage is used. This makes them the ideal supplemental treat for your shrimp, though other fish in your tank will enjoy them, too.

The importance of supplements like the GlasGarten Algae Chips

Like humans, shrimp and other fish also need certain micronutrients like vitamins and minerals for their wellbeing and growth. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to create an environment in your aquarium that will provide them will all of these micronutrients in adequate amounts. Supplemental treats like the GlasGarten Algae Chips are an excellent way to fill in the gaps in your shrimp's diet.

How much of the GlasGarten Algae Chips should be given?

The GlasGarten Algae Chips should only be seen as a supplemental treat, but because they're made of 100% natural ingredients, we recommend giving as much as your shrimp will eat within a few hours, about 1 - 2 times per week.

    Size: 15g

    Algae, minerals

    Customer Reviews

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    David Buch

    These chips appear great. However in placing them in my tank, none of my tank mates have any interest in them. They do not eat them. Not sure why. I will not purchase them again.

    Hey David!

    Thanks so much for your order and for your review! So sorry to hear that the food didn't do it for your pets! If you want to tell us a bit more about it and see if there is anything that we can do for you please email me back at store@flipaquatics.com. Thanks again and have a great day!