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Giant Alder Cones

You will receive either 10 or 30 giant alder cones. Giant alder cones are the same as alder cones just a larger variety. The giant alder cones will release more tannins into the water. These cones are very similar to Indian Almond Leaves and act in a similar way. The cones are beneficial to shrimp, bettas, Apistogrammas and Corydoras species for their healing properties and ability to lower the Ph. 

Key Features:

  • Provides Natural Food Source for Ornamental Shrimp
  • Releases Tannin into the water which contains Healing Properties 
  • Lowers the pH slightly
  • Anti-fungal Properties to help fight off Infection
  • Creates Additional Hiding Places to Reduce Stress of baby Shrimp

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Garret Sustachek
Giant alder cones

I do like how dark my water got from the tannins, I absolutely love the natural look in my tank!!!

Kimi Shibata

Really good size for Alder Cones. They are in wonderful condition. Thank you!

Shannon Carmichael

Giant Alder Cones

They really are giant

I didn't realize how big they would be, my tanks were a nice strong tea color for awhile. But my shrimp love them and I actually like the way they look better than smaller alder cones.

Akhil Sondhi
Exactly what I wanted

For starters, I wouldn't call these giant- they are exactly the size you'd expect and fit just fine in nano tanks (my UNS 45U).

If you're looking for the blackwater look, these are the way to go. Just 2 of them in my 10G and by the end of the day the water was such a gorgeous rich brown. My shrimp have not left the cones alone since addition.

Definitely going to become a part of my regular restock order.