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FritzZyme TurboStart 700

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FritzZyme TurboStart 700 is a refrigerated product that contains concentrated numbers of live nitrifying bacteria. Freshwater shrimp are extremely susceptible to ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite. TurboStart is a game changer for any hobbyist looking, as the bacteria inside TurboStart will cycle a tank within 5 days or less

Instant Cycle: 

  • Cycles an aquarium in 5 days or less
  • Highest concentration of nitrifying bacteria (15 x more concentrated)
  • Refrigerated to keep bacteria alive

Reasons to Use:

  • Prevents “new tank syndrome”
  • Prevents fish or shrimp loss when setting up a new aquarium
  • Increases biological filtration when adding new fish or shrimp
  • Rapidly eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Most reliable bacteria available


  • 1 oz treats up to 40 gallons
  • 4 oz treats up to 200 gallons


  • For best results, keep refrigerated
  • Bacteria is best if used within 4 months 
  • Only one dose is necessary to cycle an aquarium

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
John Swaney

I had a case of drain flies (I never heard of them until now) in my aquarium. Part of my corrective measures was to completely replace all of my filter media. I've read that is a dangerous move, so Amelia at Flip Aquatics recommended TurboStart 700 to jump start my beneficial bacteria to ensure the health and safety of my fish. My fish had no adverse reactions and, thanks to Amelia, I am now on my way back to a healthy tank.

Tricia Humphreys
So far so good

I just set up a new tank. Put in the FritzZyme, added snails and plants the next day. Everybody seems happy and healthy so far. I'll add shrimp and fish next after testing a few more times to be sure tank conditions are stable.

Rondell Dodson
Great stuff!

Really helps!

BE Jones
Wow, this is a must have for setting up a new tank

First time using this product, prior to now I have used the Fluval Bio enhancer and that too works great but the Fritz product is just on a different level. This honestly cycled the tank in 24hrs. Granted I am running just plants with a low power light but I do fertilize and when I tested my water a few days after adding the turbo start 700 I already had Nitrates with zero ammonia or Nitrites. I was shocked. Not only that but my water clarity improved tremendously, there was a noticeable difference just a few hours after adding. Any way I will be adding in some sub-adult plecos soon and I will add some additional turbo start when I do, just to help. I highly recommend this product. Pro-tip, only get what you need as the product has a 3-month shelf life and it does have to be refrigerated.

Aaron Smith
Fritzyme TurboStart 700 worked well in my 125g (BRAND NEW TANK)

I was very hesitant to purchase Fritzyme Turbo 700 because of the cost, my concerns about viability during shipping (survival of bacterial colonies), and from reading hundreds of reviews over the years on OTHER bacteria-in-a-bottle products that ended up being total wastes and not effective at all. I'm pleased to report that after introduction of about a 2-3x concentrated dose to my tank (the full 4oz bottle in my 125 gallon) for 2 full weeks now the ammonia has been near 0, and this is a heavily stocked tank WITH 3 species of goldfish and a literally brand new tank and Fluval FX6 filter. I'm impressed not simply with the product, but with Flip's communication after I wrote an email in asking about the delay on shipping. Luckily for me the product didn't need a cold pack to be included since it's fall, and I'm only ~2 hours from their warehouse, so it all worked out.