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Fritz ParaCleanse

ParaCleanse is a staple medication used in our fish quarantine process to treat for parasitic diseases in our aquarium fish. Most commonly used to treat internal tapeworms on imported aquarium fish!

Treatment for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

Effective and Fast Treatment for Parasitic Diseases:

  • Internal Tapeworms
  • Gill & Skin Flukes
  • Swollen Abdomen
  • Wasting Disease
  • Hole in Head

10 packs treat 100 gallons of water (up to 5 treatments)

20 packs treat 200 gallons of water (up to 10 treatments)


Remove all chemical filtration, turn off UV Sterilizer if present, continue aeration or increase aeration

Test for Ammonia and nitrite while treating with this medication (use Fritz A.C.C.R to prevent ammonia poisoning if present)

  • Complete treatment will take 5 days, treat for the full course even if visible signs of illness/infection disappear
  • Day One: Add contents of one package per 10 gallons of water
  • Day Three: Add contents of one packet per 10 gallons of water
  • Day Five: Perform a 25% water change

Active Ingredient: Each packet contains 250 mg metronidazole and 75 mg praziquantel

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jonathan Cooper

Order was prompt and they are great to order from

Kurt Brutting

This is a must have product, I like to have it on hand just in case! It’s great for dosing your entire water column. Especially quarantine tanks.

E. Vazquez

Fritz ParaCleanse

Dean Giroux
Love the puffers!

Arrived quick and in great condition. Bought 10 and received plus 2. All healthy. All hunting the tank and fun to watch.