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Fritz Expel-P

Expel-P (Levamisole HCl) is a medication used in our shrimp quarantine process to treat for parasites/diseases including planaria,vorticella, and detritus. Most commonly used to treat wasting disease (caused by nematodes, roundworms,hookworms, & other internal parasites)

**Invertebrate Safe if used as directed

Effective and Fast Treatment for Parasitic Diseases:

  • Worms
  • Parasites
  • Wasting Disease

10 packs treat 100 gallons of water (up to 5 treatments)

20 packs treat 200 gallons of water (up to 10 treatments)


Use of a hospital tank is recommended

Remove all chemical filtration, turn off UV Sterilizer if present, continue aeration or increase aeration

Active ingredient is sensitive to light and will work better if the aquarium lights stay off during treatment.

  • Day One: Add contents of one package per 10 gallons of water (Perform 25% water change and remove any excreted or dead worms)
  • One week later repeat the process one additional time to prevent reinfection
  • Repeat weekly treatments as necessary

Active Ingredient: Each packet contains 113 mg levamisole hydrochloride

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amanda Sulima
It works

Vacuumed 24h after as directed and I saw so many worms in the bucket I had the dirty water. I think I will still need to treat several more times but it’s definitely effective and my mollies, platies & guppies showed no signs of stress from the treatment.

Jeremy Schmeda

Reason for purchase is having something ready for an emergency if I ever encountered one. Ordering process was simple and quick, and the delivery process was just as quick! Will definetly order form Flip again!