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Fritz Aquatics Nature Box

Fritz Aquatics Nature Box

The Fritz Aquatics Nature Box is an incredible package that can help aquarists to create a natural environment for their fish or shrimp. The box contains catappa leaves, bark, and cones, all of which contain natural compounds that will release tannin into the water, mimicking natural conditions in which your fish will feel more at ease and may even improve breeding behavior.

What does the Fritz Aquatics Nature Box contain?

The Fritz Aquatics Nature Box contains Indian Almond leaves, sliced Catappa almond bark, and Casuarina cones. Adding these to your aquarium will not only create a beautiful, natural aquascape, but also has beneficial effects on the water and your aquatic inhabitants.

How does the Fritz Aquatics Nature Box affect your aquarium?

The components of the Nature Box all leak tannins into the water, which lowers the pH. This has both anti-fungal and antibacterial effects, and because this mimics the natural habitat of your fish more closely, it will improve their breeding behavior and may even have beneficial effects on their general wellbeing.

How to use the Fritz Aquatics Nature Box optimally

Because the components of the Nature Box influence water values, it is important to use it the right way. We recommend only using one leaf per gallon of water, one bark stick per 25 gallons, and about 2 cones per gallon. In case of overdosage, we recommend removing the components from the water and keeping an eye on water values with test kits.

Customer Reviews

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Good packing and good shipping. Product is good quality. No complaints, would purchase from and recommend anyone to shop here.

Fritz Aquatics Nature Box

A must have for starting a Shrimp tank.

Dylan davis
Very worth the purchase

It comes with so many leaves and cones, I think I'm good for the year. Will be buying again for sure

Celeste Driscoll

Great service and products! Looks great in the natural habitat that we try to reproduce!

Kyle Leonard
Good Sample Box

It's a good box to get if you don't know exactly what you want or need. I don't really notice the fish or shrimp really doing anything with them, but they look nice and add some depth to the tank.