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Fritz ACCR Water Conditioner Powder

Fritz ACCR Powder (ammonia, chlorine and chloramine remover) is a full spectrum water conditioner that detoxifies ammonia while also eliminating chlorine and chloramines. This product is similar to Fritz complete but is designed for sensitive environments like that of a shrimp tank or coral reef. The powdered form is more concentrated, cost effective and will last longer. There are many benefits to ACCR which are listed below.

Reasons to Use: 

  • Eliminates chlorine and chloramines
  • Detoxifies ammonia
  • Will not affect pH
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater
  • Safe to overdose (up to 5x the recommend dosage)


    • 1.25 LB (20 oz) treats up to 4,700 gallons


    • 1 teaspoon treats 40 gallons
    • 32 grams treats 264 gallons
    • Will not reduce dissolved oxygen in low flow areas
    • Will not alter pH

    Customer Reviews

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    G Kyle
    Elvis is in the tank.

    Elvis, a silverish/red betta, and his tank mates really appreciate the speed with which Flip Aquatics got the ACCR powder to their human. They like the job it does with our water. Thanks. We’ll do business again