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Eleocharis Parvula 'Mini" | Dwarf Hair Grass Mini | Easy Green Carpeting Plant

Eleocharis Parvula or what I am calling "Dwarf Hair Grass Mini 2" is a similar version of Eleocharis Acicularis Mini. The main difference is Eleocharis Parvula is known to be easier to grow and has more vertical leaves where Eleocharis Acicularis Mini leaves fall to the side more. 

Eleocharis Parvula is a smaller version of the ever-popular Giant Hair Grass. Eleocharis Parvula is a little more difficult and requires co2 to properly carpet. The best way to plant Eleocharis is to separate it into a few clumps and plant it a few inches apart so as they grow they fill in areas in-between each clump.

Scientific Name: Eleocharis Parvula 'Mini"

Care Level: Hard

Sold as: Potted

Lighting Requirement: Medium

Co2: Recommended

Growth Rate: Medium

Origin: Unknown

Tank Placement: Foreground as carpet

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Looks Fantastic

I broke it up into 3 sections and trimmed them up. They are so green and will grow like crazy under my lights! I can't wait for it to carpet the whole tank!

Cory Kleiser
So far so good.

These plants are so cool. I can’t wait until they carpet my tank. After a few weeks they look healthy. I wouldn’t pair them with mystery snails, I had to move mine to a different tank because they kept rooting them up. The ramshorn, nerite, assassins are fine with them. The baby shrimp love them too. Highly recommend.