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Dwarf Water Lettuce

Dwarf Water Lettuce - Floating Aquarium Plant

The Dwarf Water Lettuce, also known as Pistia stratiotes,is an excellent water plant for your open aquarium. Its light green, fleshy, strong, grooved leaves are covered with fine hairs and arranged in rosette form - and still partly overlapping. The leaves are designed so that liquids roll off them, creating a unique aesthetic that makes them incredibly popular among aquarists.

Warning! This plant is a wild card when it comes to shipping. We have had instances where this plant does not arrive in the best condition. Some leaves may be yellow, roots might be lost, and some leaves might have fallen off. Usually, this plant will bounce back as long as there are a few green leaves. We can NOT guarantee this plant will arrive in the best condition. We still want to offer it to our customers as many people seek out this plant. 

For whom is the Dwarf Water Lettuce suited?

The Dwarf Water Lettuce may not be suitable for beginner aquarists, as they require frequent trimming to ensure that they do not dominate the tank. They also draw a lot of minerals and other nutrients from the water, which may impact the aquatic life below. However, those who are willing to take care of these floaters will be rewarded with beautiful, vibrant green bouquets.

What are they like?

In addition to the interesting look mentioned above, Dwarf Water Lettuce offers other advantages that make it a welcome guest in domestic ponds or aquariums: The long roots provide protection for fish, especially juveniles. On top of that, they form a dense carpet and thus provide shade, which not only reduces algae formation but is also very pleasant for some fish. They also draw out unwanted nutrients from the water, which can further reduce algae formation, but one of the most popular uses of Dwarf Water Lettuce is as an indicator for iron deficiency. If there is not enough iron present in the tank, the leaves of this floater will turn yellow, which can be a great indicator to know that it's time to start supplementing.

The ideal conditions for the Dwarf Water Lettuce

The aquarium should be high enough so that the long roots of the Dwarf Water Lettuce can glide through the water and do not accidentally get stuck on the bottom. The aquarium should also not have a lid, as the accumulated heat can cause dripping water to form on the lid, which can lead to the rotting of the water lettuce. As they need a lot of light, it is essential to provide good lighting. Water temperature must be at least 68°F, but must not exceed 86°F. There must be no current, as this can cause the aquatic plant to become moldy and die. Finally, the water hardness must be between 2 and 12 carbonate hardness.

What you will receive? 

With each order of Dwarf Water Lettuce you will receive a container with plants inside. The container normally contains 3-5 plants. Portion size may vary. 

    *All Plants may contain snails or snail eggs. We keep them in all of our tanks for the benefits they provide.*


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Antonio Simoni
    Great Plant!

    I am very pleased with how quickly this plant adjusted to my tank. It was very healthy upon arrival. 10/10 would recommend.

    Dwarf Water Lettuce

    Everything shipped well and doing Great in my low flow tanks :) Perfect for shrimp


    Great looking plants !

    Robbin Sandlin
    So adorable

    I love these and how they look. I will purchase more in the upcoming future.

    Jim Wierski
    Best floating plant

    I've tried them all, Salvinia, red-root, etc. This is the best. Long roots add interest to the tank, and it's a sturdy plant.