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Dwarf Lily

The dwarf lily is an amazing beginner plant. The lily comes with a bulb that you do not want to bury completely (max half way burred). The bulb will usually have multiple plants growing from it. These plants can be separate from the bulb or left attached to it. The lily will send out new leaves higher and higher until they reach the surface. Trim the leaves at the length you want them to stay and it will encourage the plant to only grow that high. The dwarf lily will absorb a lot of excess nutrients in the water which makes it an ideal addition to any low light nano tank. 

You will receive one (1) plant with one bulb or three (3) bulbs that are unsprouted. Usually, the bulb with have multiple plants. Portion sizes may vary. 

Scientific Name: Nymphphaea rubra

Light Requirements: Low to Medium

Care Level: Easy



Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Sabrina Causey
Great condition!

My Dwarf Lily is already growing and looking great in my tank!

So far so good

The bulb I received was good sized and had good roots and leaves. Will see how it does over time, but any failure will be on me. Very pleased with the product.

Larriann Clark
Dwarf Lily

I bought a dwarf lily and it showed up in great condition. Once I put it in my tank.. I realized I was in love. Waiting for the weather to warm up because now I want more. Such a pretty plant 🥰

Elegant small plant

Its a very interesting small lily with a marbled appearance to the leaves in red and green. Very healthy and seems to be growing very well.

Kevin S.
Good sized bulbs

Very pleased with my dwarf Lilly’s . Two had good roots and leaf shoots and one was in a dormant stage. After only a week the one has leaves almost at the surface . Very pleased.