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Dennerle Shrimp Sand

Dennerle Shrimp Sand

Dennerle Shrimp Sand is incredibly popular among aquarists that have shrimp aquariums. Not only is the sand optimal for the storage of nutrients, which your shrimp can easily scavenge, but the contrast between the color of the sand and that of your shrimp can allow their coloring to really shine.

The benefits of aquarium sand

The aquarium floor not only gives the plants support and the opportunity to develop their roots, but also stores the required nutrients and releases them to the plants when needed. Mussels and snails, for example, bury themselves in the sand to filter the water and take in their food. The sand is not only their natural habitat, but also offers protection from predators.

How does Dennerle Shrimp Sand impact my aquarium?

While shrimp sand has excellent benefits for the aquatic lifeforms in your tank, it does not impact the water values in any way. The sand is entirely inert, meaning that it won't affect the pH or water hardness in the slightest.

The perfect fit for your aquarium

When it comes to choosing the best sand for your aquarium, the color is an important factor, as you'd want it to fit in well with the rest of your aquascape. This is why we offer Dennerle Shrimp Sand in three different variants, allowing you to create your aquascape in the way you envisioned it.

Size: 5 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Luke Thurston
Does the trick

PH stayed neutral, no spikes. Stands out great against the shrimp.

Chloe Martin

The dark color is perfect to set off my crystal reds. Also not super dirty, so quite easy to clean/prep.

Jan A Williams
Happy as a...

Used as a cover substrate over top of crushed lava. Trumpet snails burrowed right in as did the freshwater clams! They are all "Happy as clams!"
2" of sand is also holding plants firmly and they appear to be taking root well. Just bought a batch for my big aquarium!