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Buddha Nutpod

You will receive either 1 or 3 buddha nutpod husks.  The pods range in size from 3-5 inches in length. These pods are very similar to Alder Cones and other botanicals because they act in a similar way. The nutpods are beneficial to shrimp, bettas, Apistogrammas and Corydoras species for their healing properties and ability to lower the pH. 

Key Features:

  • Larger pods for better hiding places for baby shrimp or fish
  • Provides a natural food source for ornamental shrimp
  • Releases tannin into the water which contains healing properties 
  • Lowers the pH slightly
  • Anti-fungal properties to help fight off infection
  • Creates additional hiding places to reduce stress of baby shrimp or fish

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robbin Sandlin
I like them and so do my fish.

I have one saved for another tank. I ordered two. I will be getting more after the holidays.

Buddha Nutpods

Received 3 Buddha Nutpods of varying sizes. The largest one is huge, bigger than the palm of my hand! It made me laugh uncontrollably for several minutes when I unboxed them!! Not sure where I will use them yet but they look like cute lil huts...very pleased!

EricNoel Rivera

Looks awesome fish shrimp love it!

Rachael Gustafson
Cute addition to tank

Very cute, but larger than I expected! Looks super cute in the tank and my shrimp will love it

Timothy Steelman

Buddha Nutpod