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Shrimp Prep - Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, and Detoxifies Heavy Metals

Brightwell Shrimp Prep is a water treatment that is copper free and designed for shrimp, fish, plants, and invertebrates. Shrimp Prep removes chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, and nitrites found in tap water and some aquarium settings. Shrimp Prep can also detoxify heavy metals such as copper and makes tap water immediately safe to use.

The Brightwell Shrimp Line is a line specifically designed with shrimp in mind. The entire line has gone through extensive testing over more than a year. The products range from Black Water, Dechlorinator, shrimp safe Fertilizers, Remineralizers for Neocaridina and Caridina, and Trace Minerals. Brightwell is setting the standard for the shrimp hobby in the USA with these USA Made products. 

    Key Features:

    • Removes Chloramine, Chlorine, Ammonia, and Nitrites
    • Detoxifies heavy metals such as Copper
    • Can be added directly to aquarium
    • Free of phosphates and silicate


    • 125 ml (4 oz) treats up to 250 gallons
    • 250 ml (8 oz) treats up to 500 gallons


    • Add 2 pumps (4 ml) per 8 US gallons
    • Can treat up to 6 ppm chlorine, 3 ppm chloramines, or 1 ppm ammonia per dosage

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    George Miller
    Good service

    I can't evaluate the detoxifier because I didn't chemically analyse the results....but I can say that my shrimp arrived in great condition, the packaging was great and the order was shipped promptly.

    Ian Bryant
    Great Everything

    Everything I ordered was in perfect condition, including the shrimp. I’ve ordered many neocaridina shrimp from many places and they usually arrive very lethargic and half dead, but the ones I got from Flip Aquatics we’re all very active and happy and acclimated well and are now happy in the tank. I won’t order shrimp from any other company going forward.

    John Nguyen
    Great order experience

    This was my first order from Flip Aquatics, quick turnaround and great packaging!

    Brandon McLeod

    Shrimp Prep - Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, and Detoxifies Heavy Metals

    Zachary Wilford
    Great product!

    Great product, received it with no problems, instructions are clear and easy to understand. Shrimp are thriving in the tank that was treated with this! Treats a lot so you definitely get your money's worth!