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Shrimp FlorinGRO+ - Multi-component Fertilizer & Planted Nitrogen Source

Brightwell FlorinGro+ is a copper free shrimp safe nitrogen source for your planted aquarium. Nitrogen is used by plants to produce proteins and nucleic acids. The production of proteins and nucleic acids is required for long term health and growth of your plants. This product does not contain ammonium or urea. 

The Brightwell Shrimp Line is a line specifically designed with shrimp in mind. The entire line has gone through extensive testing over more than a year. The products range from Black Water, Dechlorinator, shrimp safe Fertilizers, Remineralizers for Neocaridina and Caridina, and Trace Minerals. Brightwell is setting the standard for the shrimp hobby in the USA with these USA Made products. 

    Key Features:

    • Shrimp safe nitrogen source for planted aquariums
    • Contains kelp extract to encourage growth and flowering
    • Can be used in high tech tank setups 


    • 125 ml (4 oz) treats up to 250 gallons
    • 250 ml (8 oz) treats up to 500 gallons


    • Can be used in combination with Shrimp FlorinMulti
    • Add 2 pumps (4 ml) per 8 US gallons every other day or as required
    • Keep nitrate range between 10 and 20 ppm, do not go above 25 ppm
    • Do not overdose product

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Good product

    It seems to do good for my plants!

    Sandra Peña

    My plants love it and are now really prospering.

    Ryan Glavin

    Shrimp FlorinGRO+ - Multi-component Fertilizer & Planted Nitrogen Source

    Mimi M.
    Love it

    i used many fertz for my planted tanks but none of them have worked as good as FlroinGro+ and the FlorinMulti. I add both to all my planted tanks and all the plants have been growing fast and healthy! Love this products will be buying again!

    Ben Wadsworth
    Shrimp food

    The shrimp love it! Was nice to watch them come out and eat it