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NEO TIGER KH+/GH+ - Establishes Mineral Balance in Purified (RO/DI) and Soft Water

Brightwell NEO Tiger KH+/GH+ is used to establish the optimal mineral balance in your shrimp and fish aquariam for optimal health and osmoregulation. NeoTiger KH+/GH+ is used to enhance water that has been purified (e.g. reverse osmosis, deionization, etc.) or for very soft water (e.g. well water from heavily forested areas, or riverine environments)

The Brightwell Shrimp Line is a line specifically designed with shrimp in mind. The entire line has gone through extensive testing over more than a year. The products range from Black Water, Dechlorinator, shrimp safe Fertilizers, Remineralizers for Neocaridina and Caridina, and Trace Minerals. Brightwell is setting the standard for the shrimp hobby in the USA with these USA Made products. 

    Key Features:

    • Designed for Tiger and Neocaridina Shrimp Species
    • Increases GH and KH (general and carbonate hardness) in the shrimp aquarium
    • Can be used with fish and plants as well as shrimp
    • Helps establish depleted elements in aquariums when using purified water (RO/DI, distilled, etc.).


    • 125 ml (4 oz) treats up to 625 gallons
    • 250 ml (8 oz) treats up to 1,250 gallons


    • Prepare all new water outside the aquarium before adding to the tank
    • Add 2 pumps (4 ml) per 10 US gallons until desired value is reached in established aquarium 
    • For water changes every 20 US gallons of purified water add 1 pump (2 ml) to increase the GH by 1 degree, and raise the KH by .57 degrees

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Gerald May
    very good


    Water stuff

    Put this stuff in your water. Watch your fish smile.

    daren carl
    i am doing flipps over flip aquatics, neo tiger KH+/GH+ seems to do the job.

    neo tiger KH+/GH+ seems to do the job. also bought thier snow flake shrimp food and the cherry shrimp love it
    , well they are eating it. as are the trumpet snails.
    as a side note i use tap water and the boost from the KH+/GH+ helps keep the tds in line for the shrimp.

    Amber Delgado
    Game Changer

    This shrimp supplement saved my tank and gave me back my lost shrimp colony. Works wonders.

    tavares, alex
    Great product

    Haven’t seen a dead shrimp since using