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Breeders and Keepers Vol. 3

Breeders and Keepers is a magazine by Dennerle and our good friend Chris Lukhaup. The magazine series is a must own for all shrimp enthusiasts. The wealth of knowledge contained in these magazines is immense.

Chris Lukhaup interviews shrimp breeders from around the world and shares all this knowledge with the rest of the shrimp keepers and breeders out there. The magazines are limited to 1,000 prints, so get them while they are still available. 

Main Points of Magazine:

  • Europeans Best Breeders Interviewed
  • Shrimp Diseases and Treatment
  • Shrimp Species Research

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Schneiders
Breeders and keeps Vol

It's a great magazine it covers a lot of things in freshwater shrimp keeping.

Lue Her
Great Information

It's a great magazine to have and it filled with lots of helpful information!

Andrew Lipson
Breeders & Keepers

A quality publication. Vol. 3 is still affordable, I wish they would just reprint the others ,or better yet a Vol. 4 would be Sabbath AF.

Deborah Wilson
Learn more, great information

I'm a new shrimp keeper pretty much. I've had success, but have the nerd to know more. Though I've not read this book cover to cover yet, it's very informative. Found a few things so far I can improve on. Information is everything!

Ketniel Guzman

Breeders and Keepers Vol. 3